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Meet Christian Zionists

Stand Up For Israel

Meet Christian Zionists who are making a difference. Standing up for the land and people of Israel wherever they live and however they can to support the Jews living in Judea and Samaria.

Becky Keenan

Spreading Truth – Becky Keenan

  There is little else more exciting than embarking on a first-ever trip to Israel aboard a flight full of Jews making Aliyah to Israel. The inability to keep exhilarated grins off of faces, the

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Jena Taylor – Woman of Faith

CFOIC Heartland’s Chairman of the Board, Margy Pezdirtz describes her as “a tiny little Texas gal, full of vim and vitality. Her energy level is astounding. She is contagious and makes you want to know

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Marion and Shirley

Marion Shin – Prayer in Action

Marion Shin was only nine when the Japanese bombed Hong Kong. She and her single mother escaped as occupation refugees to Mainland China. After her mother died, she was adopted and moved to America. She

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  • Faye Sinclair – An Unshakable Love… an Unwavering Faith

    Faye Sinclair was born in Texas in 1929; to a family that always felt the Jews were G-d’s special people. After completing a master’s degree in Organic Chemistry, Faye decided she was destined to be a medical missionary. At 26 she started medical school and specialized in Pathology – pretty rare for a woman in […]

  • Tom Bradford Teaches “Torah”

    Making an Impact in the Classroom From Merritt Island, Florida in the US, Tom Bradford, a retired business executive, and his wife Becky, a housewife and “full-time” grandmother, are teaching hundreds of Sunday School students – young and old – that the time has come for Christians to bless God’s nation. It all began three […]

  • Wilfried and Tabea Bullinger

    Wilfried Bullinger remembers growing up in Stuttgart, being taught at home and in church, a love for the Jewish people. But it was his first trip to Israel in 1987 that started his strong connection with the land. From then on he came back every year. He prayed that one day he would be able […]

  • Jo Ann Magnuson – Just Getting Started!

    Jo Ann’s earliest memories involve sitting with her grandmother Ida, in an over-sized chair in her living room, being read to from the Bible. When WWII began, they’d listen to the war news together and pray. Gram would turn to little Jo Ann and say, “G-d has a covenant with the Jews that will last […]

  • Margy and David Pezdirtz – No Hidden Agenda

    Margy and David Pezdirtz have had a heart for the Jewish people and Israel from before they can remember. And since becoming Christians and their first trip to Israel in 1984, they are stalwart supporters whose actions speak louder than words – Margy and David own an apartment in Jerusalem and spend half the year […]