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Community Projects

Community Projects enable donors worldwide to assist communities in Judea and Samaria.

The communities in Judea and Samaria are the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Those living in the Biblical Heartland have many different needs. These include Senior Centers, Parks, Libraries, Cultural centers, and assistance for those in need. Your contribution will make a real difference in the community's ability to provide a vital need for its residents. You can take an active part in the fulfillment of prophecy!

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Adorah needs help to landscape their library’s yard and to purchase equipment for a new music room. Landscaping will provide space for events, and a music room will give local youth the outlet they need.

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Alon is a growing community in the Judean Desert. They need your help to expand their library building. Your donation will provide vital resources for their children, teens, and adults as they settle Biblical Israel.

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The original pioneers of Barkan, who braved enormous hardships to found the community, face challenges today. There is a need to upgrade the local senior center and ensure that all seniors can enjoy quality programming.

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Bet Yatir

Bet Yatir’s original pioneers are elderly,  retiring and facing the challenges that come with advancing age. Please honor these aging pioneers and provide them with dignity and quality of life in the beautiful Biblical Heartland.

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Einav needs an emergency generator and emergency center, to help manage emergencies more efficiently. By supporting this vital project, you’ll partner with the people of Einav, as they continue to grow in the Biblical Heartland.

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Eshkolot, a remote community, needs your help with two essential community projects: furnishing their new seniors center and renovating an outdoor sports court. You can honor the younger and older members of the community today!

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Gush Etzion

The people of Gush Etzion need your help to care for their elderly residents. Your gift today will ensure these pioneers have heat in the winter, prompt medical and dental treatments, and suitable hearing aids.

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Havot Yair

Havot Yair, a growing community in Samaria, must expand the library building. With its recent population boom, the library is bursting at the seams. Your donation will help Havot Yair provide resources for its residents.

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Karnei Shomron

Karnei Shomron needs your help to provide for the original pioneers now in their golden years who are shut in or suffer from dementia. With help, the elderly residents will receive the care they deserve.

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New Immigrant Program

The people of Judea and Samaria are calling on you to provide Ukrainian refugees with resources to ensure their adjustment in Israel. Your donation will help Jewish Ukrainian refugees feel that they have come home!

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Heart of Benjamin urgently needs your help to furnish two sheltered group home apartments for special-needs adults. Each group home provides program graduates with a safe, supervised home where they gain life and vocational skills.

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Plant a tree in Israel

Fulfill prophecy by planting a tree in Israel! You will receive a certificate for every tree you plant. You can take part in the greening of Judea and Samaria, in the heart of Biblical Israel.

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Samaria Family Assistance

The Samaria Family Assistance Program assists financially struggling families, seniors and supports families with special-needs children. Your support encourages today’s struggling pioneers and gives them hope and dignity as they continue to settle Biblical Israel.

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 Tekoa needs your help to create a vibrant contemporary art center in the biblical heartland. Your support today will impact the inspiring community of Tekoa by fostering unity, strength, and resilience in their ancestral land.

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