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Community Projects

Community Projects enable donors worldwide to assist communities in Judea and Samaria.

The communities in Judea and Samaria are the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Those living in the Biblical Heartland have many different needs. These include Senior Centers, Parks, Libraries, Cultural centers, and assistance for those in need. Your contribution will make a real difference in the community's ability to provide a vital need for its residents. You can take an active part in the fulfillment of prophecy!

completed 960x540 Adorah


Thank you 謝謝 Toda Gracias Thank you Dank je ありがとうございました Merci Diolch אדאנק Thank you Grazie ありがとう Danke Thank you תודה  Spasiba 감사합니다 Takk Mahalo Thank you Efharisto Спасибо Dankie Thank you አመሰግናለሁ Děkuji Salamat

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Alon library 960x540


Alon is a growing community in the Judean Desert. They need your help to expand their library building. Your donation will provide vital resources for their children, teens, and adults as they settle Biblical Israel.

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960x540 Argaman youth


You can help the people of Argaman create an outdoor public gathering space, and make a direct and lasting impact on the quality of life and continued growth of this community in the Biblical heartland.

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960x540 Bat Ayin

Bat Ayin

The Bat Ayin Yeshiva asks you to help furnish their library with bookshelves. Jews have been called People of the Book. With your help, the Yeshiva will continue its work reconnecting Jews to their faith.

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960x540 Einav Park


Einav is developing a new park for its residents. A place where they can strengthen their community. You can encourage teens in Einav as they follow the path their grand-parents first paved 40 years ago.

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960x540 Eshkolot Youth


Eshkolot must renovate a building and purchase equipment for their newly launched charity thrift store, which will help those in need. They also need to purchase equipment and games, essential for their new youth center.

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Eshkolot Seniors


Eshkolot, a remote and small community, needs a senior center for its beloved founding members. These resilient pioneers dedicated their youth to settling in Judea. You can honor these aging pioneers in the Biblical Heartland.

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960x540 Gush Etzion Seniors

Gush Etzion

Gush Etzion needs your help to care for their elderly residents. Your gift will ensure they have heat in the winter, prompt medical and dental treatments, and those with dementia receive the care they need.

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960x540 Har Gilo seniors

Har Gilo

Har Gilo needs a seniors’ center for its original pioneers. These faithful pioneers dedicated their youthful energy to build this vibrant community. Today, they need to be cared for and cherished in their golden years.

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_960x540 Hemdat children


Hemdat needs your help to create a beautiful park in the center of the community. Your gift will help this isolated community grow and prosper as they devote their lives to settling the Biblical Heartland.

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_960x540 Jordan Valley II

Jordan Valley

Living in the Jordan Valley is challenging for those in need of psychological therapy. Your gift will ensure that professional therapists are present to address all the emotional challenges experienced by families in the region.

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960x540 Kiryat Arba seniors

Kiryat Arba Museum

The seniors of Kiryat Arba Hebron are reconnecting with their Biblical roots through the brand-new program at the Land of Judah Museum.  Without your contribution, it will soon come to an end. Bless them today!

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960x540 Maale Levona Community

Maale Levona

Maale Levona needs your help furnishing their daycare and newly renovated library. The pioneers of this community want to enrich the lives of their residents. Your gift will shape the next generation in Biblical Israel.

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60x540 Neve Tzuf I

Neve Zuf

Neve Zuf is determined to rebuild the area terrorists burned down, and they are asking you for help. You can help Neve Zuf restore their community and become a partner in the fulfillment of prophecy!

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960x540 revava


Revava needs your assistance to develop a program to help new immigrant families bridge the gap, provide Hebrew tutoring, vocational support, food vouchers, and most importantly, help integrate with the veteran residents of the community.

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960x540 Samaria Food

Samaria Family Assistance

The Samaria Family Assistance Program assists struggling families. They offer food vouchers for families and provide activities for senior citizens. Your support gives hope and dignity to struggling pioneers as they continue settling Biblical Israel.

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960x540 Tekoa art


 Tekoa needs your help to create a vibrant contemporary art center in the biblical heartland. Your support today will impact the inspiring community of Tekoa by fostering unity, strength, and resilience in their ancestral land.

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