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Meet Israeli Pioneers

Meet these brave Israeli pioneers who are settling the Land of Israel!

CFOIC Heartland is proud to introduce you to some of the brave pioneers who make their home in the communities of Judea, and Samaria. We trust you will find these very special people and their unique stories inspiring.

mina brody profile 3

Mina Brody: Ambassador for Samaria

Mina Brody grew up in a secular home in the sleepy agricultural community of Migdal, known as the birthplace of Mary Magdalene. Migdal was a small pioneering village then. Mina spent her childhood surrounded by

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Copy of 960x540 Bat Ayin I (25)

Sandy Bloom, Bet Yatir

Sandy Bloom, raised in the US with a love for Israel, spent the year after high school  on a kibbutz. She studied Bible, worked in the fields, and grew to love the people of Israel.

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Rachel Noach

Rachel Noach: Finding Her Purpose

 Rachel Noach grew up in Bet Hagai, a small community in Judea. In her childhood home, prayer, observance of Biblical values, and Zionism took center stage. Her childhood was magical and innocent, with summers spent

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shmuel Junger headshot 2

Shmuel Junger: Rooted in Samaria

Shmuel Junger didn’t know it at first, but looking back, it’s clear that living in Samaria was always God’s plan for him. Today Shmuel lives with his wife and four children in Zufim, a community

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Chaim and Naava

Chaim Livne: Leading by Example

Chaim met Naava as a teenager through the religious Zionist youth organization Bnei Akiva. Their early lives paralleled each other: both were raised in New York and both were very active in their respective Bnei

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Mina Guveri

Mina Guveri – A Heart So Big

When Mina was eight years old she moved with her family from Petach Tikva to Kiryat Arba. She was the first daughter of Moshe and Chaviva Tzachor, and although she had two older brothers, Mina

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Nahala winter 2018 Oren

Oren Gilad – My Brother, The Hero

Anyone who has ever visited “Ach Sheli Gibor” knows that it is a special place. Hebrew for “my brother, the hero”, Ach Sheli Gibor is a sandwich shop-minimartrest stop all rolled into one. Located at

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Yisrael Medad

Yisrael Medad – His Right Word

Political advisor, spokesperson, activist, author, journalist and blogger are just a few of the many hats Yisrael Medad has worn during his impressive fortyfive year career working for the people of Israel in the Land

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Anat Safir and Edna Evans

Anat Safrir – A Model of Giving

Energetic, amazingly warm and spirited are words that best describe Anat Safrir, a one-of-a kind charity powerhouse in Samaria. These attributes, coupled with her ideology, and “can-do” attitude make her a natural leader. Born and

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Mickey bar-Neder

Mickey Bar-Neder

Your Guide to Biblical Israel Mickey Bar-Neder’s profession as a tour guide allows him the privilege of traveling the breadth of his glorious land, educating people with hands-on-lessons about Israel’s history, geography and archeology. This

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Noah Mandelbaum

Noah’s Magic Touch Twelve years ago Noah Mandelbaum was a kindergarten teacher for four and five year olds in Carmei Zur, a community in the Etzion Bloc. A chance encounter with a Jerusalem family introduced

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David Goldman – His House of History

Born in Detroit, Michigan, David Goldman made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) with his family in 1975, when he was thirteen years old. After high school he enrolled in a Hesder Yeshiva program, combining mandatory army

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Mitzpeh Dani Playground

Chaya and Shimon Ben-Dor

Determination in a Desert Outpost It takes special people to settle the Judean Desert. And there is little in Chaya and Shimon Ben-Dor’s cosmopolitan upbringing that would foretell the ability to successfully adapt to the

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Rabbi David Feld – Brave Pioneer

  Nahala is proud to introduce some of the brave pioneers who make their home in the communities of Judea, Samaria & Gaza, and trust you will find these very special people an inspiration. American-born

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