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Families in Need

No child should ever go hungry

Children in Israel need your help

Israel is a modern, developed country, with a successful economy and a high-tech industry that leads the world in innovation.  But as in so many countries, there are men and women who have difficulty integrating into the working world.  Some are only capable of menial jobs which pay very low salaries.  Others suffer from illness or trauma that has affected their ability to work.  Still others have many children, including those with special needs that create enormous burdens on a working family.

Israel’s social services departments are staffed by caring social workers who do their best to help each family in need.  They will ensure that special-needs children or adults are placed in appropriate programs and will help the parents find jobs and balance their budgets.  But for some families, the needs are so great and the funding is far too limited.

CFOIC Heartland’s flagship social services program is the Samaria Family Assistance Program.  Working in close cooperation with the devoted social workers and staff of the Samaria Regional Council, the program provides food vouchers for needy families, particularly at holiday times when the needs are greatest.  With your help we also provide regular support for hot lunch programs for needy children. 

Kochav Yaakov lunchBut the program is also responsive to immediate needs.  A family has suddenly lost both parents, the young children move in with the older sister who is newly married and struggling.  It is just before Passover and the family is desperate.  A quick call to CFOIC Heartland and the family received the food and vital supplies they needed to get through the first weeks, before government funding could kick in.

When you support Families in Need, you are providing vital assistance to the families who need it most. There is no bureaucracy at CFOIC Heartland.  CFOIC Heartland staff in Israel are in daily contact with social workers, mayors and rabbis, available to them whenever tragedy strikes.  Our goal is to help get these needy families back on their feet.  Success is measured by how many families no longer need our help. Give to Families in Need so that they will be able to provide food for their children. Your donation gives a helping hand with dignity and love.

Communities with Meal Programs:

Kochav Yaacov


Karnei Shomron

Kochav Yaakov lunch