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Emergency and Security

Emergency and Security Projects represent some of our more pressing, urgent needs.

Sometimes a specific community is missing emergency supplies such as medical equipment; or, security equipment, which can be anything from handheld radios to vehicles, fencing, and security perimeter lighting. These items can mean the difference between life and death as the rapid response teams and other emergency staff and volunteers remain vigilant to protect the men, women and children of Judea and Samaria from terrorist attacks, road accidents, and other emergency situations.

960x540 Adora Security


Adora needs to purchase a comprehensive surveillance system to protect its families from constant terrorist threats. Your help will ensure that the people of Adora have advance notice of potential attacks before lives are lost.

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_960x540 Alei Zahav Security-kids

Alei Zahav

Alei Zahav needs your help to purchase security equipment to shield neighborhoods and athletic fields.  Your support will enable this community to protect families in their homes and children out playing sports from terrorist threats.

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960x540 Barkan Truck


Barkan is asking you to help them pave its perimeter security road. Your donation will help ensure a quicker response time to every emergency. By supporting Barkan’s security needs, you may well save a life.

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960x540 Dolev Emergency


The community of Dolev urgently needs your help so they can purchase emergency equipment to protect and defend their families from hostile attacks. Your donation today will help give them a fully equipped emergency vehicle.

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completed 960x540 featured project pics (2)


Eshkolot desperately needs your help to purchase a new security gate to protect its residents. Lives are at risk, and security is paramount. You can give the residents of Eshkolot protection and peace of mind.

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960x540 Hebron Hills Truck

Hebron Hills

The Hebron Hills Region needs your help to purchase emergency and surveillance equipment to keep a protective watch over the area. Your support will equip them to catch threats early before they become full-fledged attacks.

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960x540 Henanit security


The families of Henanit are vulnerable, and they desperately need a new perimeter fence, security vehicle, and surveillance cameras. You can help Henanit with the security equipment they need as they settle the Biblical Heartland. 

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960x540 hermesh surveillance


Hermesh needs surveillance cameras to protect their families. These cameras will alert rapid responders to impending terrorist attacks.  Your donation today will support their commitment to the Biblical Heartland and may well save a life!

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960x540 Karnei Shomron Emergency

Karnei Shomron

Dedicated emergency staff and volunteers are critical to the entire region’s safety. They need your help to purchase vital equipment to do their jobs well. Your support will save lives in Karnei Shomron and Samaria.

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960x540 Leshem surveillance


To protect their families from danger, Leshem is turning to you. Your donation today will help them purchase critical surveillance equipment to keep watch. You can keep Leshem safe as they develop the Biblical Heartland.

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960x540 Maale Levona

Maale Levona

Maale Levona must purchase a sophisticated surveillance system and emergency equipment to protect its residents from terrorist attacks. Your ardent support ensures their safety, encourages Jewish settlement in Biblical Israel, and may well save lives!

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960x540 Mitzpe Dani

Mitzpe Dani

Mitzpe Dani needs to install surveillance cameras to protect its families from hostile infiltrators. You can help protect these pioneers. Your support will give safety to the people who are rebuilding the Land of Israel.

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960x540 Nofei Nechemia family

Nofei Nechemia

Nofei Nechemia is desperate to purchase a fully-equipped security patrol vehicle, and they need your help. Your donation today will help their families sleep soundly at night, knowing that someone is looking out for them.

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Otniel firefighters edited


Otniel desperately needs your help to build a new firehouse. This small community has suffered significantly from Arab arson terror attacks. Your donation for a central fire-fighting station will save lives in the entire region!

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960x540 featured project pics (8)


Rechalim is desperate to complete surveillance systems and expand its security perimeter. They need your help to ensure their families’ safety. Your gift to protect the men, women, and children of Rechalim will save lives!

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960x540 Salit Security


Last year, Salit, located adjacent to hostile Arab villages, experienced increased security threats. Your help is needed to purchase a security vehicle, cameras, and update their fence. Your support for vital equipment will save lives!

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960x540 Samaria Fire

Samaria Fire Station

Arson has become a favorite weapon of terrorists, and the Samaria Region is desperate for a fire station to combat the threat. Your donation for a fire-fighting station in the Samaria Region will save lives!

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960x540 De Boaz

Sde Boaz

The people of Sde Boaz are vulnerable to terrorism.  Your donation ensures that these pioneers will have the emergency equipment they need to enjoy a fundamental human right –  security in their homes in Judea.

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completed 960x540 Shani Livneh

Shani Livneh

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960x540 Sussya Shepherd


Sussya needs a drone and cameras to strengthen its surveillance and deter attacks. These inspiring farmers are wholly dedicated to reviving their land. Please support these special pioneers to ensure their safety in Biblical Israel.

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960x540 Telem Surveillance


Telem critically needs your help to install surveillance cameras to keep watch and effectively see dangerous terrorists. Your support will enable the dedicated pioneers of Telem to stop threats before they become full-fledged terror attacks.

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960x540 Tene Omarim

Tene Omarim

Tene Omarim urgently needs your help to upgrade to a comprehensive, cutting-edge surveillance system to defend its people against increasing terror threats. Your donation will give them peace of mind as they settle Biblical Israel.

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