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Nahala (Inheritance)

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Nahala (Inheritance) -Winter 2022

We are at the start of a new year, a year that we pray will be free of illness, a year of new beginnings. And while we have yearned to return to normal, we know that there will be a new normal. But some things never change. In each edition of Nahala, we introduce you to Christian and Jewish individuals who have done amazing things for Israel, often despite terrible hardships. And this edition is no different!

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Nahala (Inheritance) – Summer 2021

Raising the Next generation of pioneers Shima is a small, relatively isolated community in the Hebron Hills, where core values of “love thy neighbor” and commitment to reviving the Jewish presence in Biblical Israel run

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Nahala (Inheritance) – Winter 2021

Kedumim’s Lehava High School for Girls seeks to channel this spirit through a brand-new leadership program, where students select a problem that needs solving, a humanitarian need or a technological challenge, and then create the solution.

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nahala winter 2020

Nahala (Inheritance) – Winter 2020

Protection in the Hills Surrounded by enemies. Isolated from nearby Jewish communities and towns. This is Revava, a community of 500 Jewish families in Samaria, and every day they face the grim, overhanging threat of

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Winter 2018 Nahala

Winter 2019

In a remote grove in the hills of Gush Etzion there is a little cafe built by the students and teachers of the Sadna program for special-needs children and young adults in the community of Gvaot.

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Summer 2018

The Neve Avraham Child Development Center, located in Kiryan Arba, offers treatments for children Struggling with a host of emotional and developmental challenges. Neve Avraham was created by a courageous family after they adopted a

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Nahala winter 2018

Winter 2018

The community of Sde Boaz has recently become the target of pro-Palestinian groups trying to force the community off its land. Now is the time to stand with this fledgling community showing our support by helping

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Summer 2017

Will you help protect the children of Nofei Nechemia? Emergency needs are a tricky thing. Like any insurance— medical, life, fire– you invest, paying your premiums month after month, year after year, praying never to

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Winter 2017

Will you help the elderly stay warm this winter?   Did you know that the winter can be a particularly challenging time for the elderly? Heating during the winter months is crucial, literally a matter

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Summer 2016

“Rise Before the Aged” For years CFOIC Heartland supporters have taken the lead in helping the senior citizens of Tekoa. From providing much needed dental aid for an elderly immigrant, to assisting the community’s “Meals

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