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Children and Youth

Children and Youth Projects enable you to support the most precious resource in Judea and Samaria.

The children and youth of Israel are the future of Israel. The needs are varied and include day care centers, playgrounds, youth centers and youth programs, education and special education. Indeed, you can help ensure that every child, regardless of its need, is given the best chance to grow and thrive.

Bet Hagai

Bet Hagai

Bet Hagai must renovate a home for at-risk boys. By donating to this transformative program, you can help heal these broken boys. Your donation today will help them grow into strong leaders for Israel’s future.

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960x540 Bet Hagai Youth

Bet Hagai

The Bet Hagai Youth Village needs your help to purchase washing machines, dryers, work clothes, and equipment for vocational training. Your gift will help these troubled boys break the cycle of dysfunction, abuse, and neglect.

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960x540 Bet Hagai Blueberry

Bet Hagai

Bet Hagai Youth Village wants to start a blueberry farm in their agricultural program. They need your help today, because the farm must planted before Sept 2021, when all planting must cease for one year.

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960x540 Bet yatir daycare

Bet Yatir

Bet Yatir needs to furnish their new Daycare Center. You can bless their youngest and most precious members. Your donation will show them you believe in their pioneering dream of settling the Land of Israel.

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DOlev teens (bright)


Music has helped Dolev’s youth joyfully embrace “love thy neighbor”. Your gift towards a music center for them will stoke their passion for giving. You can bless the biblical Heartland with a gift of music.

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960x540 Eshkolot Youth


Eshkolot must renovate a building and purchase equipment for their newly launched charity thrift store, which will help those in need. They also need to purchase equipment and games, essential for their new youth center.

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Etz Ephraim

Etz Ephraim needs your help to support special-needs and at-risk youth. With your help, they can break barriers that often divide people. Please bless this community with the resources it needs in the Biblical Heartland.

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Gevaot Sadna

Special-needs children and young adults in Gevaot, need ongoing training to reach their maximum potential. A basket-weaving studio will enrich them emotionally and vocationally.  With your help, Sadna can weave a better future for Israel.

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Gush Etzion Teens

At-risk teens in Gush Etzion need your help to learn new job skills and engage in positive activities. You can help youth in Biblical Judea become responsible adults. Your donation today is building Israel’s future.

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960x540 KS Mafteach

Karnei Shomron

Karnei Shomron wants to help its special-needs children and at-risk youth reach greater heights through Mafteach and the At-Risk Youth Center. Your donation today can help ensure a better future for the children of Israel.

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960x540 Kedumim Lehava


The teen girls studying in Kedumim have an opportunity to become leaders of tomorrow. They need your help to purchase software and laptop computers. Your donation today will help equip them for a successful future.

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960x540 Kiryat Arba

Kiryat Arba

The Neve Avraham Child Development Center needs your help to ensure every child receives superior care. Your gift to help special needs children is an investment in Kiryat Arba, Hebron and the future of Israel!

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Kochav Yaakov

Kochav Yaakov is asking you to donate the cost of hot lunches for a needy child. Your donation of $53 every month will provide food and comfort to a hungry child with privacy and dignity.

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Ofra Apartments

Heart of Benjamin urgently needs your help to furnish two apartments for special-needs adults. Each apartment provides these adults with a supervised home where they gain life skills and semi-independence. Your gift provides immeasurable value.

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960x540 Ofra Lev Binyamin

Ofra Heart of Benjamin

Heart of Benjamin, urgently needs funds for its Passover and summer camps. These camps provide a fun experience they look forward to all year! Your support is vital to the parents of these special-needs children.

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960x540 Revava Petting Zoo

Revava Petting Zoo

Revava has created a petting zoo that is beneficial to the special-needs students who spend time there. The zoo’s structures are inadequate and must be upgraded. With your assistance, they will continue helping Samaria’s children.

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Copy of 960x540 Shima Youth


Shimah, an isolated community, needs your help renovating a youth center and music studio for their teens. Support a youth center for their teens, help them achieve their goal, and participate in fulfillment of prophecy.

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960x540Talmon Centers


Talmon needs your help to provide an indoor activity center for children, a Student Hub for young adults, and a teen-run campsite that promotes Biblical values. Your support will help Talmon build these valuable resources.

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