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Bible Study

The best answer we have for today is the Bible.  Even though Israel and much of the world is living in incredible uncertainty, we look forward to being able to share Bible teachings with you virtually.  If you aren’t able to join us live, we will have the recordings posted here on our website, so you can watch them any time! We hope you enjoy these Bible teaching done live from Samaria, Israel with Sondra Baras.

The Book of Genesis: Encountering the Promise

The Book of Exodus: The Restoration of Israel

The Book of Leviticus: A Kingdom of Priests and A Holy Nation

The Book of Numbers: The Nitty Gritty of Nationhood

The Book of Deuteronomy: Moses' Final Words to the Nation

The Book of Joshua: The Conquest of the Land of Israel

The Book of Samuel: Anointing the Kings of Israel