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Nahala Christians

Henk Poot: Leading A Spiritual Transformation

Henk Poot: Leading a Spiritual Trasnformation Some of the greatest leaders feel motivated to change the world at a very young age. Reverend Henk Poot stands out as someone whose commitment to the Bible from early childhood paved the path for him to assume a leadership role in revitalizing the Biblical Heartland. Born in 1955 … Read more

Victoria James: Revealing What God Loves

Victoria James: Revealing What God Loves The journey towards God requires peeling many layers. Like an onion, as we peel each layer, the truth we uncover often brings tears to our eyes. Victoria recalls her journey to God as one of shedding layers and even tears, to reveal a life of humility, a commitment to … Read more

Pastor Nick Plummer: A Compelling Truth

Pastor Nick Plummer: A Compelling Truth Pastor Nick Plummer’s deep love for Israel started as a seed God placed in his heart; as God gently guided Plummer through his spiritual journey, this seed grew and developed into a great love, deeply rooted in commitment and enthusiasm. For Nick Plummer, supporting Israel is a compelling truth. … Read more

Pastor Roberto Miranda: A Lion For Israel

Pastor Roberto Miranda: A Lion For Israel In the Bible, God used dreams to communicate His will. Today, when Believers are moved by an inspiring dream, they seek wisdom in interpreting their dreams. In the case of Pastor Roberto Miranda, a divinely inspired dream had far-reaching impact on his life, his church, the city of … Read more

Ann Stacy: Fulfilling an Exalted Purpose

We often pray to see God’s hand in our lives, to follow the crumbs God leaves for us, as He guides us towards our purpose. Ann Stacy has been following the clues God left for her and is fulfilling an exalted purpose – bringing Christians and Jews together for Israel. God’s plan was set in … Read more

Jo-chin Wang: Letting Faith Lead

Often, over the course of our lives, we come to a crossroads, a turning point. For Jo-chin Wang, her first turning point came with the question: What is the meaning of my life? This question was what first led Jo-chin Wang to reconnect with and revitalize her Christian faith. She had grown up as a … Read more

Scott Stripling: Bringing the Bible to Life

Very few of us are blessed to understand our calling from a young age, and even fewer get to live out that calling — but Dr. Scott Stripling is one of those lucky few. For as long as he could remember, even when he was a child, Scott knew that he would become an archaeologist. … Read more

Keith Buxton: Shoulder to Shoulder With Israel

  March 11, 2011. Shabbat night. What should have been a night of quiet and peace was shattered forever when 12-year-old Tamar Fogel returned home to a scene of horrifying carnage: her house had been trashed and her parents, two brothers, and infant sister had been ruthlessly, brutally murdered. Extremist Arab terrorism had lunged at … Read more

Spreading Truth – Becky Keenan

  There is little else more exciting than embarking on a first-ever trip to Israel aboard a flight full of Jews making Aliyah to Israel. The inability to keep exhilarated grins off of faces, the nervous energy of young children itching to taste the sweet Israeli air, and the atmosphere of deep and almost intoxicated … Read more

Grace and Rick Knelsen – Israel is their Dream

Ever since they were young, Grace and Rick Knelsen felt this burning passion to visit the Land of Israel. They were both raised in Christian homes and studied the Bible from childhood. They loved hearing the stories of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and of the Children of Israel. They both dreamed about coming to see … Read more