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Nahala (Inheritance) -Winter 2022


Arson, a favorite weapon of Arab terrorists in Judea and Samaria, threatens lives and homes on a daily basis. The people of Yakir suffer terribly from forest fires, set by Arab terrorists in the nature reserve nearby. Additionally, significant population growth in recent years has caused congestion on the only road in the region, a winding, narrow highway, with serious traffic accidents occurring frequently. Yakir’s firefighting squad, responsible for all fires and emergencies in the entire region, desperately needs vital equipment and protective gear for their volunteer fire fighters. With your help, Yakir can obtain a fire engine and additional gear to better protect the people of Samaria. Won’t you help them?

Pastor Roberto Miranda

In the Bible, God used dreams to communicate His will. Today, when Believers are moved by an inspiring dream, they seek wisdom in interpreting their dreams. In the case of Pastor Roberto Miranda, a divinely inspired dream had far-reaching impact on his life, his church, the city of Boston and Biblical Israel. Pastor Roberto Miranda has been the pastor of Leon de Juda (Lion of Judah), in the city of Boston for the past 37 years. Born in the Dominican Republic, as a child, Miranda
immigrated to the United States with his family.

Yochanan Eliyahu:
Giving Back To Israel

Acts of kindness do not exist in a vacuum – they transform the world. Believing in a child, can set in motion a chain reaction of success. Yochanan Eliyahu was born in India to an affluent Jewish family. Following Israel’s independence, most of India’s Jewish community emigrated to Israel. But it was not an easy decision – those leaving India had to leave all of their property and money behind. Determined to fulfill Biblical prophecy, Yochanan’s family arrived in Israel with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Thank YOU!!

We have received this thank you letter from Adorah for your contribution toward their security needs.
But you, our donors and supporters, are the ones who really make it all happen.   The thanks belong to you!

July 11, 2021

Dear CFOIC Heartland and Christian friends,

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for partnering with us in defending our community and the Judea and Samaria region at large. With your generous donation we were able to buy a new surveillance system, to monitor hostile threats and alert our civilian first responders, before threats become full-fledged terrorist attacks.

The community of Adorah, and neighboring Telem are two of the most isolated and vulnerable communities in Judea and Samaria. Completely surrounded by hostile Arab villages, we face enormous security threats on a daily basis.

Adorah is positioned strategically to prevent Arab expansion and a de facto Palestinian State. We are defending Jewish lands in the Hebron Hills, protecting the people and the land against hostile Arabs who are waging a persistent and systematic campaign to uproot Jewish communities and to take over Jewish lands. The people of Adorah, previously traumatized by a horrific terrorist invasion, suffering casualties, injuries and emotional scars, continue enduring scores of hostile Arab infiltration attempts and arson attacks. Last summer, Arab terrorists set fire just outside Adorah’s perimeter, endangering the entire community. Thank God no one was hurt but it was a terrifying experience.

You are helping protect children in AdorahKnowing that you stand with us, together with all of your wonderful donors who understand the supreme value of settlement in the Land of Israel, strengthens us and bolsters our spirit to continue settling and developing the Biblical Heartland.

On behalf of the residents of Adorah, we thank you for your life-saving contribution, your friendship and support. We would love to host you in our community at any time. Please convey our heartfelt thanks to your donors.

With blessings and appreciation,
Dubi Magenheim – Community Administrator