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Nahala (Inheritance) – Summer 2020

Protection in the hills:

With God’s help, in a few weeks we are looking forward to an incredible status change in the Biblical Heartland as Israel applies sovereignty to the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Although we have been hoping and praying for this step for so long, military experts believe that it may well spur a new wave of terrorism. The security risks in communities like Sde Bar, which is already vulnerable and isolated from other communities, will only worsen in the face of this new development.  Surveillance cameras will make the difference between life and death, and the people of Sde Bar are turning to you for protection. Will you answer their plea?

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Meet the people Who are Making a Difference

Scott Stripling: Bringing the Bible to Life

Very few of us are blessed to understand our calling from a young age, and even fewer get to live out that calling — but Dr. Scott Stripling is one of those lucky few. For as long as he could remember, even when he was a child, Scott knew that he would become an archaeologist. As a young man, he was a voracious Bible reader with a strong faith and a dream: to lead an archaeological dig in the Biblical Heartland of Israel. If only his young self could see him now!

Born and raised in Texas, USA, Scott has been dedicated to his faith and to Israel right from the get-go. In his mind, there was never a question about the inherent link between his Christianity and his Zionism, and archaeology was the natural link between the two. “As a Bible reader, I had this fascination with the background of the text,” says Scott. “I consumed everything I could get my hands on. When I was going through seminary, I took my first archaeology course, and that just threw fuel on the fire. It really became a passion. In the realm of archaeology, I thought that if I could let the text and the artifacts speak to each other, I could make a real contribution.”

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Pioneer In Our Day

Shu Rimel: The Power of Community

All of us have experienced tragedy and loss. Whether it be the passing of a grandparent, a parent, a sibling or close friend, or, God forbid, a child, loss catches up with all of us eventually. Often during this time of immense emotional upheaval, we feel overwhelmed, but also wholly and profoundly alone. Consumed by What Has Happened, we drift – and it is common to forget about things as basic as cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, or even looking after our children.

Imagine how different your sorrows and your difficult times would be if you were not alone, if there was someone – or a lot of someones – looking out for you. Imagine some of the weight lifted off your shoulders. Imagine the burdens of mundane, everyday routine lessened. Imagine the inner strength that comes with knowing that your entire community – close friends and strangers alike – stand with you and support you.

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