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Rachel Noach: Finding Her Purpose

 Rachel Noach grew up in Bet Hagai, a small community in Judea. In her childhood home, prayer, observance of Biblical values, and Zionism took center stage. Her childhood was magical and innocent, with summers spent playing outdoors, barefoot, using the entire community as one big playground. But just beyond the small, pastoral neighborhood, were extremely … Read more

Shmuel Junger: Rooted in Samaria

Shmuel Junger didn’t know it at first, but looking back, it’s clear that living in Samaria was always God’s plan for him. Today Shmuel lives with his wife and four children in Zufim, a community in Western Samaria, but his journey there was long and winding. Shmuel was raised in the coastal city of Netanya, … Read more

Shu Rimel: The Power of Community

All of us have experienced tragedy and loss. Whether it be the passing of a grandparent, a parent, a sibling or close friend, or, God forbid, a child, loss catches up with all of us eventually. Often during this time of immense emotional upheaval, we feel overwhelmed, but also wholly and profoundly alone. Consumed by … Read more

Rabbi Benjy Myers: Building Community

  It’s hard to move houses or towns. Even harder to move countries. But Rabbi Benjy Myers doesn’t see it that way, when reflecting on all the places he’s lived and all the countries he’s seen. To him, every stop along the way was just that – a layover, a stepping-stone leading him to Israel, … Read more

Chaim Livne: Leading by Example

Chaim met Naava as a teenager through the religious Zionist youth organization Bnei Akiva. Their early lives paralleled each other: both were raised in New York and both were very active in their respective Bnei Akiva chapters as counsellors. In fact, in 1974, they were both counsellors at a Bnei Akiva summer camp where, “coincidentally”, … Read more

Mina Guveri – A Heart So Big

When Mina was eight years old she moved with her family from Petach Tikva to Kiryat Arba. She was the first daughter of Moshe and Chaviva Tzachor, and although she had two older brothers, Mina always felt she had the responsibility of a first born. Often she would help with the laundry or prepare dinner … Read more

Ahrale Lederberg – Superman in Zufim

  When Ahrale was a child he had the same dreams that any other child has: He wanted to be a superhero with super powers. He would tie a blanket around his shoulders for a cape and jump off the bed shouting for justice. Little did he know that his dream would come true and … Read more

Oren Gilad – My Brother, The Hero

Anyone who has ever visited “Ach Sheli Gibor” knows that it is a special place. Hebrew for “my brother, the hero”, Ach Sheli Gibor is a sandwich shop-minimartrest stop all rolled into one. Located at the junction between Shechem and the community of Itamar, the stop is decorated with flags, army hats, tags and memorabilia … Read more

Aviva Yisraeli -The Spirit and Soul of the People of the Land

Aviva with CFOIC Tour Group

Though Aviva was only nine years old when her family made Aliyah from Canada, she remembers clearly, feeling wonderfully excited. She was young enough not to be nervous about making the move and was ready to enjoy what living in a Jewish country would mean. Outside of Israel she always felt that being Jewish set … Read more

Mali and Yaakov Sztrigler – It’s a Family Affair!

It is an unlikely love story. Mali is a “Sabra”, a native born Israeli and Yaakov is from Mexico. When Yaakov was 11 years old, the family moved to Jerusalem. Yaakov and Mali had both finished their studies and were living and working in Jerusalem when they met through a mutual friend. They married in … Read more