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Henk Poot: Leading A Spiritual Transformation

Henk Poot: Leading a Spiritual Trasnformation Some of the greatest leaders feel motivated to change the world at a very young age. Reverend Henk Poot stands out as someone whose commitment to the Bible from early childhood paved the path for him to assume a leadership role in revitalizing the Biblical Heartland. Born in 1955 … Read more

Victoria James: Revealing What God Loves

Victoria James: Revealing What God Loves The journey towards God requires peeling many layers. Like an onion, as we peel each layer, the truth we uncover often brings tears to our eyes. Victoria recalls her journey to God as one of shedding layers and even tears, to reveal a life of humility, a commitment to … Read more

Pastor Nick Plummer: A Compelling Truth

Pastor Nick Plummer: A Compelling Truth Pastor Nick Plummer’s deep love for Israel started as a seed God placed in his heart; as God gently guided Plummer through his spiritual journey, this seed grew and developed into a great love, deeply rooted in commitment and enthusiasm. For Nick Plummer, supporting Israel is a compelling truth. … Read more

Happy Special Birthday Israel! – Israel Celebrates its 70th Independence Day

Since joining CFOIC Heartland in 2013, I have made the most wonderful friends, both Jewish and Christian, in Israel and all over the world. I have learned so much about a whole group of people, you our Christian friends, that I had not really known much about. I have come to value and appreciate the vital support we have from our Christian Zionist friends around the world, support that often comes with a love and passion that we rarely find anywhere else.

Volunteer for Israel – a Wonderful Way to Help!

The thunderous applause I received from the audience sent a clear message to the Members of Knesset, who themselves are very supportive of Judea and Samaria, that you have their back. That they have strong international support for their stand on Biblical Israel. MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick stressed, Israel should be the focus of the world, a place where everyone will recognize G-d and come to worship Him in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount. But what was probably most special about the event was how nearly everyone there, Jew, Christian and MK, expressed their ultimate gratitude to G-d for the miracles that we are witnessing in our day.

Who “Owns” The Land of Israel? Part 5

western wall in Jerusalem

One has to wonder what is so special about this particular place, why did God tell David to go to this specific threshing floor and make a sacrifice? We find the answer that ties everything together and shows us the master plan that God had in mind from the very beginning in 2 Chronicles 3:1 Now Solomon began to build the house of the Lord at Jerusalem

Arise and Walk the Land

Standing there it was obvious to us just how vital this place is strategically, biblically and historically. We learned that Hemdat was originally established as a “Nahal” military outpost by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in 1979.

Faye Sinclair – An Unshakable Love… an Unwavering Faith

Faye Sinclair

Faye Sinclair was born in Texas in 1929; to a family that always felt the Jews were G-d’s special people. After completing a master’s degree in Organic Chemistry, Faye decided she was destined to be a medical missionary. At 26 she started medical school and specialized in Pathology – pretty rare for a woman in … Read more