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Reflections from Israel

A Visit With Shmuel: Talmon

I traveled through winding mostly two-way roads in the rugged hills of Samaria to visit Talmon. Talmon was established in 1989 by a handful of families, committed to reviving and resettling a Jewish presence in the Biblical Heartland of Israel. Located more than an hour drive from the nearest city, Talmon has grown into a … Read more

Community at a Glance: Dolev

This is the series you have been waiting for – the chance to visit communities in Judea and Samaria, from the comfort of your home, and catch a glimpse of life in each and every community. Dolev is located in an area full of natural streams and pools. Some of the pools go back decades … Read more

9th of Av

What is it? Tisha B’Av, the 9th day of the month of Av (this year celebrated on July 17-18, 2021), is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar. On that day, Jews fast, pray, and read from the book of Lamentations and poetic dirges. Why? Historically, on this day, a number of Jewish calamities occurred: The spies … Read more

Protecting the Pioneers of Israel

Gideon smiled, overwhelmed by gratitude, as he watched the various screens in the control room. Three years ago, Mitzpe Dani could only deter hostile infiltrations if the ranger happened to spot them while patrolling the vast desert wilderness surrounding the community. Today, they have a cutting-edge surveillance system for the majority of the community’s perimeter. … Read more

Facing the Apocalypse

Jews and Christians base their visions of the End times on Scripture and much of that Scripture comes from the Hebrew Bible, a book sacred to both Christians and Jews. Both Christians and Jews are waiting for Messiah, albeit with different visions of who Messiah is and whether he has been before. But how do … Read more

Welcoming a New Baby

There is no greater joy on earth than giving birth to a healthy baby. That moment when life bursts forth from the womb is probably the closest we, as human beings, can get to the Divine. And for God-fearing peoples all over the world, it is a time of thanksgiving, time to offer joyous prayers … Read more

Community at a Glance: Tekoa

Join me in our newest Community at a Glance video, where we visit Tekoa. Home to over 200 artists, Tekoa wishes to nurture its community’s affinity for culture and arts. It has recently created a local artists’ center, a hub for the arts in Biblical Israel, and a center of spiritual creativity.


Click here to partner with Telem Join me as I visit Telem, a small and isolated community of ninety families located just outside Hebron. The people of Telem, salt of the earth Zionist pioneers, have created a close-knit community where everyone is family. They are farmers, laborers, and professionals who wish to develop their ancestral … Read more

Community at a Glance: Bat Ayin

The rural setting of Bat Ayin, with its panoramic vistas and rugged Judean Hills just outside Gush Etzion, provides a peaceful reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life. The serene natural surrounding is the ideal atmosphere for the spiritual center that is Bat Ayin.

What is Pentecost?

Pentecost is a little-known holiday in many Christian denominations.  Its connection to the founding of the church from the Book of Acts is well-known but in fact, Pentecost is rooted in the Hebrew Scriptures.  It is a holiday, known in Hebrew as Shavuot, that is celebrated faithfully by the Jewish people since Biblical times. Sondra … Read more