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The Feast of Weeks: An Introduction to Shavuot

In this video, Shmuel provides us with some significant insight about the holiday of Shavuot, also known as the Festival of Weeks. Specifically, Shmuel delineates some of the unique aspects of Shavuot that make it distinct from the other holidays. Of noteworthy mention is the special custom to stay up all night learning the Bible and Torah. Also, Shmuel discusses how the Book of Ruth is tied to the holiday of Shavuot.

3 thoughts on “The Feast of Weeks: An Introduction to Shavuot”

  1. Shalom!

    this is Pastor Gud Philip from India, and I m glad part of this Ministry, and we been praying for the Israel and people of Judah.
    I have been promoting the Christian for Israel in India as well we stand with Israel.


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