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A Visit With Shmuel: Adora and Telem

In this week’s video, I introduce you to Telem and Adora, two small but resilient communities located directly northwest of the ancient Biblical city of Hebron. The 1,000 brave pioneers of Telem and Adora live courageously amidst a sea of hundreds of thousands of hostile Arabs. Sadly, the people of Telem and Adora are no strangers to terrorism, and with mounting threats continuing to loom over them since October 7th, Telem and Adora are in desperate need of help in making critical security reinforcements. I will show you in great detail the precarious situation in which the residents of Adora and Telem find themselves.

In recent years, you, our wonderful CFOIC Heartland friends and supporters, have been so generous in your donations to support security needs throughout Judea and Samaria. Thanks to you, we have truly made a difference in the ability of the communities to protect their residents. But there are still communities that are desperate for security cameras, fire-fighting equipment and so much more. Click here to learn more about what you can do to save lives in Israel. Please give generously to this vital need.

God Bless,

Shmuel Junger
Development Director
CFOIC Heartland

2 thoughts on “A Visit With Shmuel: Adora and Telem”

  1. Shalom Shmuel
    It is always gripping to read your accounts. I met with you in Sydney a few weeks ago when you visited Australia. Israel is much in our prayers for many to come to know Ha Mashiach! The war is bringing terrible suffering and distress.
    Eric Lesleighter

  2. Thank you, Shmuel, for sharing this video with us. You are living in challenging times, since many political leaders are accusing Jews, whom they call ‘settlers’, for alleged violence against Palestinians. But this video shows again that the opposite is the true case.
    We hope and pray that the inhabitants of Telem and Adora may live safe and protected, and that there will remain sufficient roads to connect them with the rest of the wonderful country of Israel.
    Cornelis Kant
    Christians for Israel


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