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Training Firefighters in Israel: An Interview with Timothy Wainwright

Dear Friends,
I recently had the privilege of interviewing Timothy Wainwright, a Christian firefighter who is addressing one of Israel’s greatest needs. Timothy is teaching specific wildfire fighting skills to Israeli firefighters, training them to combat terrorist arson. Listen now to this interview!
Shmuel Junger
CFOIC Director, Israel Office

In recent years, you, our wonderful CFOIC Heartland friends and supporters, have been so generous in your donations to support security needs throughout Judea and Samaria. Thanks to you, we have truly made a difference in the ability of the communities to protect their residents. But there are still communities that are desperate for security cameras, fire-fighting equipment and so much more. Click here to learn more about what you can do to save lives in Israel. Please give generously to this vital need.

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