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Kedumim Stories

Stories that feature Kedumimi

Below are a collection articles and/or videos that feature Kedumim i if you would like to learn more about this amazing community:

Gush Etzion Seniors

The Glory of Children is Their Parents

Spring 2014 Gush Etzion Seniors For as long as she can remember, she experienced difficulty eating, trouble speaking, not to mention the blow to her self esteem, and the psychosocial ramifications of her condition. Ella

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In the 1980s Avital and Michael Ezer protest for their right to move to Israel.

From Saint Petersburg to Kedumim

Aliyah’s story begins five years before she was born. Her parents, Avital and Michael Ezer were a young newly married couple in Soviet Russia. They were respected researchers in their fields and had big plans for the future when in 1980; they submitted a request to immigrate to Israel. Their request was denied, and as was the case for all families who requested to move to Israel at that time, their application triggered government persecution.  They were targeted, interrogated and then watched by the KGB, and they lost their jobs.

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Yehuda (R) and Itamar (middle) the night before the  murder

What Do You Say To A Child Whose Father Was Murdered?

We cannot change the past nor bring back the dead.  But we can encourage and strengthen the living.  We can reach out to the brave men, women and children of Judea and Samaria and give them what they need, when they need it.  I hope you will help us help them.  I hope you will continue to partner with us as we strengthen the Jewish presence in the Biblical Heartland.

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Letter From Sondra – February 2019

A few weeks ago, I personally visited some of the communities in Samaria, to get an update on their needs and to gain a first-hand perspective on how your support has helped them.  It was a wonderful opportunity to drive through the mountains I love and visit with the leaders and ordinary residents that represent the heartbeat of this land.

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Summer 2020 Banner

Nahala (Inheritance) – Winter 2021

Kedumim’s Lehava High School for Girls seeks to channel this spirit through a brand-new leadership program, where students select a problem that needs solving, a humanitarian need or a technological challenge, and then create the solution.

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Mickey bar-Neder

Mickey Bar-Neder

Your Guide to Biblical Israel Mickey Bar-Neder’s profession as a tour guide allows him the privilege of traveling the breadth of his glorious land, educating people with hands-on-lessons about Israel’s history, geography and archeology. This

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