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Heartland Story: Saving Lives in Kedumim

It was the dead of night. The community of Kedumim was shrouded in fog. Most families were fast asleep, dreaming of the week ahead. But for two women, sleep was the last thing on their minds. As they hunched over a wall of computer screens, their eyes were vigilantly fixed on the flickering images before them. The alarm of the radar sensors suddenly blared, sending a jolt of adrenaline through their bodies. Without a moment’s hesitation, Shirel sprang into action, her fingers flying over the keyboard as she accessed the live surveillance feed for the area in question. The images on the screens were chilling – a man carrying a handgun was moving stealthily from one covered position to another. This was no friendly hiker out for a midnight stroll. The two women exchanged a knowing look, bracing themselves for the unfolding development.

Time was of the essence, and Rachel sprang into action. With a sense of urgency in her voice, she grabbed the radio, alerting the Kedumim security team and notifying the local army platoon. Shirel remained glued to the screen, tracking the movements of the hostile intruder. Within moments, the sound of screeching tires pierced the night’s silence, as two security trucks raced toward the perimeter security road where the surveillance cameras identified the hostile. Meanwhile, the terrorist continued to advance with a chilling determination, crossing the perimeter road and making his way up the hill toward the first line of homes. Headed toward the hostile from the east, Tamir, a seasoned ranger, kept scanning the terrain for any sign of movement while demanding updates from the monitoring station. Yehuda, a Kedumim security deputy,
approached from the west, shouting updates to his team over the radio.

As they closed in on the location of the terrorist, the two trucks screeched to a halt. Their hearts pounding with urgency, the two officers pulled their weapons and sprang out of their trucks. Plunged into the dark thicket, the thick fog obscured their vision. Radios crackled, as the men urgently demanded real-time location updates. With the aid of the thermal cameras, and the guidance of the women at the monitoring
center, they quickly closed in on their target. Tamir fired a warning shot in the air and demanded the hostile surrender. But the terrorist raised his gun toward Tamir, forcing both security officers to fire simultaneously and neutralize the threat. The security team’s performance had averted a nearly certain tragedy, and they owed it to the new thermal surveillance cameras.

Kedumim, the first Jewish community in Samaria in over 2,000 years, is a beacon of strength and a symbol of Zionism. The dedicated pioneers who founded Kedumim in 1975 overcame countless obstacles to fulfill their dream of returning to the land of their forefathers. Today, Kedumim boasts twelve vibrant neighborhoods spanning several hillsides, with over 5,000 people calling it home. Still, security and safety concerns remain an undeniable ongoing reality. The people of Kedumim are not frightened by this reality, but they dare not ignore it. Surveillance and security systems are a top priority in Kedumim, and they constantly need to improve and expand their capabilities.

Last year, after apprehending two hostile infiltrators only meters from community homes, Kedumim’s chief security officer, Menachem Fruchter, recognized that they urgently needed to close a security gap in their northern perimeter. He turned to CFOIC Heartland for help. And you, our wonderful donors, responded generously! Thanks to your support, Kedumim recently purchased state-of-the-art thermal-imaging surveillance cameras to fortify security measures at its northern edge. These recently-installed cameras provided Kedumim with critical capabilities that enabled them to identify and intercept the armed terrorist before he entered the community, thereby preventing untold tragedy.

As the sun rose on the day following the attack, a sense of gratitude and relief washed over the community of Kedumim. Hananel Durani, the mayor of Kedumim, wasted no time in expressing his boundless appreciation: “On behalf of the residents of Kedumim, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the generous donors at CFOIC Heartland for helping us successfully identify the terrorist attempting to infiltrate our community.” Durani emphasized that the new surveillance equipment played a crucial role in alerting the security forces who intervened promptly and neutralized the threat before it could inflict any harm. “Your contribution has not only saved countless lives but also demonstrated unwavering support for our community.”