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Heartland stories

Heartland Story: Seniors in Gush Etzion

All of us experienced difficulties this past year. Families were separated and confined to their respective homes. Friends were kept apart from each other. Children were kept home from school and playdates. All of us experienced the boredom, the frustration, and the anxiety that accompanied the lockdowns – but none so much as our senior … Read more

Heartland Story: Safety in Judea & Samaria

When the Shin Bet – the Israeli military intelligence service – calls, they don’t show up on caller ID. So when Einav’s Head of Security felt his cell phone buzz, he didn’t hesitate at the NUMBER BLOCKED message and answered immediately. “We’re tracing a suspicious vehicle,” the unidentified voice crackled over the line. “We need … Read more

Heartland Story: Heart of Benjamin in Ofra

When COVID-19 descended, it hit the families of the Heart of Benjamin program in Ofra especially hard. If this had been a normal year, the special-needs children of Samaria’s Benjamin region would have attended after-school programming and daycare at the Heart of Benjamin campus during the school months, and camps over the summer and during … Read more

Heartland Story: Trees in Samaria

Shovels in hand, saplings balanced between them, the youths of Leshem trekked eagerly over the hills outside their community to the place where they finally planted their trees. It was a bright day and the sun beat down on sunscreened necks and hatted heads. The teens began to dig. Dry earth broke under heavy pickaxes, … Read more

Heartland Story: Bet Yatir

There is a compounding effect to kindness. A single act of kindness, compassion, or charity, given freely from the heart, will create a chain reaction of kind acts that spread and branch out, growing stronger with each new charitable act, catching people up in a wave of goodness as each one pays that kindness forward. … Read more