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Beste vrienden, De zomer is begonnen. De leerlingen van de Middeklbare school krijgen half juni vrij en die van de basisschool moeten nog even doorwerken tot eind juni. Maar het weer is al veranderd en de zomerzon schijnt heftig overal in Israël. Geen regen meer. Geen wolken meer en een heleboel hitte. Tijdens de maand … Read more

The Miracle of the Six Day War

Even though the Six Day War happened before I was born, it shaped much of my life.  I grew up hearing stories of the miracles that took place during those short, yet brutal days of fighting.

Honoring the Pioneering Elders of Tomer

It’s the Fifth out of Ten Commandments. In Judaism, honoring one’s father and mother is a vital mitzvah (commandment) that recognizes the synthesis of God’s power to give life with the physical beings who help carry out that miracle of creation. More simply, it holds the key to the age-old success of the family unit. When children show honor towards their fathers and mothers, parents can be more effective caregivers, and children learn healthy guidance and how to follow rules.

A Comment on the Recent Knesset Fiasco

I stayed up past midnight to watch the Knesset vote to disband itself.  And the entire time I could not believe what I was seeing.  I could not understand how it was that leaders of this country would go to elections, for the second time in less than a year, with the enormous expense to the taxpayer, and not find a way to avoid it.  What became inordinately clear is that too many politicians care more about their seats than they do about their country.