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Beste vrienden, I schrijf deze brief in Australië, mijn negende jaarlijkse bezoek aan dit land. Ik begon CFOIC-Hartland meer dan twintig jaar geleden met een idee van een Amerikaanse christelijke vriendin. Mijn eerste christelijke vrienden en donateurs waren in het begin Amerikanen, maar ik begon contact te leggen met christenen vanuit heel de wereld die … Read more

How to make YOUR Vision come to life

We are encouraged to think about what we want to accomplish in our lives and then write it down, refer to it and continue to strive to reach those goals that we have set for ourselves.  It is a Biblical principle that once we have recorded these dreams and aspirations, something supernatural will happen to help us attain them.  You begin to see them in your mind, and then they start to come to pass in your life.

Leaving the Banquet – An Insight into Purim

King Ahasuerus, ruler of 127 provinces and monarch of the great empire of Persia and Media, declares a lavish victory banquet in his capital city of Shushan, inviting all his citizens to partake of the decadent food and drink, and to bask in the glory of his riches and splendor.

A Friendship Based on Respect

Kim Sondra Shmuel

We are all children of an Awesome G-d Who has enabled us to witness the fulfillment of prophecy in our own lifetimes.  We have seen the restoration of the Jewish people after the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. G-d is orchestrating the final redemption and we have been invited to take part.  Let’s let Him run the show and we will all be blessed in the process.