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News from the Land

Dissent and Unrest in Israel

Over the last several months, Israel has seen a massive wave of demonstrations overtake the country. The heart of the matter lies in the ongoing debate over Israel’s judicial power and the very essence of its democratic core.

Judea & Samaria Are Under Attack!

On the Eve of the Jewish New Year in 2000, the Second Intifada began. Israel was then still in Gaza and the first shot fired was that of a Palestinian policeman who murdered the IDF soldier who was patrolling with him. What was supposed to be a relationship of trust between the PA and Israel to stop terrorism, quickly became war.

A Time of Terrible Tension

Israel is going through a very hard time. The Judicial Reform that was first introduced by the government seven months ago has created a huge storm of protest and dissension both in the Knesset and on the streets.

How Can We Respond to Terrorism?

Last week, two terrorists drove up to a popular rest stop and houmous restaurant on Route 60, at the Eli Junction (between Maale Levona and Shiloh). They opened fire on a man filling his car at the local filling station, killing him on the spot.

Israel is an Independent Country!

I am getting tired of foreign interference in internal Israeli politics. I realize that there is a long history of foreign interference in Israel, particularly from the US and Europe. These countries can be counted among Israel’s strongest allies and for that reason, their interference is often the most potent. But what we are seeing today has crossed all lines.

Mourning Our Dead, Celebrating Our Miracle

Today is Israel’s Memorial Day for our fallen soldiers and terror victims.  It is a difficult day for all of us but particularly difficult for those who have lost loved ones.  Their loss permeates their lives each and every day, but one day each year, the entire nation mourns with them.

 Israel in its Most Difficult Hour

After weeks of aggressive demonstrations in the streets of Israel against the Government’s proposed judicial reform, in the past few days, things reached a frenzy that was truly frightening.

Lessons of Purim

Today is Purim, one of the most joyous holidays of the Jewish calendar. It commemorates the events recorded in the Book of Esther.
Interestingly, God’s name is not mentioned once in the Book of Esther, the only book of the Bible where He is seemingly absent. But then again, that is the point.

 A Call for Reasoned Debate

There is an enormous amount of unrest in our country these days, coming both from within the country and from without. Just over a week ago, on Friday night, seven people were murdered outside a synagogue in Jerusalem, by an Arab terrorist resident of Jerusalem.

The Rabbi who Taught Me about Redemption

I became a Zionist at the age of 13. My parents had always been Zionists in a typical American way. They loved Israel, went to every emergency meeting about Israel, and they gave generously to Israeli causes. Whatever they could do for Israel from the comfort of Cleveland, Ohio, they did.