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An Eye on Zion: Gilgal – Argaman


As the Children of Israel prepared to cross the Jordan River, two and a half tribes, Reuben, Gad, and half of Manasseh, sought permission to settle the lush, fertile soil on the eastern side of the Jordan. The condition that God laid upon them was to aid their brethren from the remaining tribes in conquering the land from the grip of the Canaanites.

Fourteen years of unwavering battles followed, and the Nation of Israel successfully conquered the Promised Land. But, as the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh prepared to return to their families on the eastern side, a solemn realization gripped their hearts: the concern for the unity of the people, both geographically and spiritually, cast a shadow over their triumphant return.

The Gilgal mentioned in Joshua 1:3 is located just outside the community of Argaman.

The Bible mentions Gilgal, the “circle of stones,” a symbolic site of gathering and ritual ceremonies for the tribes. To ensure their tribes’ perpetual unity and connection to their mission and the land nation, the eastern tribes constructed a ceremonial circle. This foot-shaped structure, echoing the covenant God made with the tribes before crossing the Jordan (Joshua 1:3), remains in the Jordan Valley to this day – a tangible testament to their devotion to God, their people, and the Land.

Thanks to CFOIC Heartland’s generous donors, Argaman recently purchased a surveillance drone.

After Israel miraculously liberated the Biblical Heartland in 1967, idealist pioneers returned to the region, following in the footsteps of their ancestors. Not far from Gilgal, the founders of Argaman laid the cornerstones for a new community. Despite daunting challenges and limited resources, the people of Argaman remained steadfast. Today, Argaman thrives, its landscape adorned with fertile vineyards and date palms serving as a modern-day testament to the continued dedication the Children of Israel have to God and their mission in the Land.

The presence of Jewish communities in the Jordan Valley, along Israel’s eastern border, is vital to the security of the State of Israel.

Life in the Jordan Valley has not always been easy. There have been numerous terrorist attacks on roads just outside the community over the years. Residents are cautious about freely venturing out and, at times, have felt very isolated, especially since October 7th.

Over the years, CFOIC Heartland’s generous donors have supported the people of Argaman, helping with the purchase of drones and other security needs. We need your donation today to ensure a child in Argaman can continue to thrive and bear witness to their active role in developing and rebuilding the Biblical Heartland.

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