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A Success Story in Gitit


On October 7, 2023, thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded Israeli communities, massacred over 1,000 men, women and children and took hundreds hostage. All of Israel ground to a halt as over 300,000 reservists were immediately called up for active duty in the IDF. For communities in the Biblical Heartland, the departure of so many men for an indefinite period was very deeply felt. The massive call-up depleted the rapid response teams as their members were drafted on that fateful day.

The small community of Gitit, located in the western part of the Jordan Valley and comprising just 110 families, was suddenly left with a gaping hole when 70 of its men were called up for reserve duty. The community had a plan of action to bolster their security but needed help to turn their vision into a reality. That is where you, our devoted and sincere friends of the Biblical Heartland, stepped in!

Thanks to you, the families of Gitit feel safer in their homes.


· Acquire a new security and defense vehicle to respond quickly to any security incident.

· Complete the construction of a central security center, strengthening their security apparatus.

· Plant trees in a new neighborhood to honor Gitit’s reservists and lift community morale.

The people of Gitit know they can rely on Christian friends like you!

Given its proximity to several hostile villages, Gitit understood well the importance of having a security vehicle on hand to conduct patrols for potential intruders and respond swiftly to any security incident or terror attack. This need became even more apparent after October 7th. Gitit’s security team had acquired a vehicle years earlier, but the car had logged many kilometers and was in a state of disrepair. Gitit sold the car and received funds from Israel’s Defense Ministry to cover part of the cost for purchasing a new vehicle. However, they still needed additional funds to cover the balance.

Gitit’s Administrator, Osnat Schreiber knew exactly where to turn: “My team and I knew that our friends at CFOIC Heartland would help us. The people of Gitit are eager to grow and develop, but our resources are limited. For years, whenever we needed support, our dear friends at CFOIC Heartland always answered the call!”

Each donation provides another building block toward the restoration of Israel!

You made a difference – thank you for partnering with us.

Join Shmuel for a tour of Gitit!

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