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An Eye on Zion: Ofra


Nestled in the hills of the Benjamin region in Samaria near the historic Mount Baal Hazor, Ofra is more than just a suburban area. It is a testament to the timeless bond between the people of Israel and the land God promised them. With the bustling energy of present-day pioneers reclaiming their ancestral homeland, Ofra is where the divine plan for the Jewish People comes to life in vivid detail.

Nearly 4000 years ago, Abraham and his family journeyed back from Egypt to the Promised Land. Seeking God, Abraham came to Mount Baal Hazor, the area between Bethel and Ai, where he first erected an altar to God. However, strife among their shepherds led Abraham and his nephew Lot to part ways. They surveyed the region from atop Mount Baal Hazor and divided their territories. Lot, enticed by the allure of materialism chose to go eastward to Sodom. In contrast, Abraham stayed behind, heeding God’s call to settle the land promised to him and his descendants for eternity.


Fast forward to 1974, seven years after Israel liberated the Biblical Heartland. The land remained barren, untouched by Jews due to the Israeli government’s reluctance to develop the region. But a group of idealistic religious pioneers dared to tread. With little more than faith as their guide, they set out to reclaim the area where God once made a covenant with Abraham. Lacking experience but brimming with determination, they miraculously secured menial jobs at a local army base. They slowly laid the groundwork for the first Jewish community in modern Samaria–Ofra.

     Rooted in the Biblical principles of compassion and mutual responsibility, the people of Ofra echo the spirit of their forefather, Abraham. Through religious education and compassionate initiatives like the Heart of Benjamin program, they are raising the future leaders of Israel, instilling a profound connection to God and an unwavering commitment to the Land of Israel in the younger generation.

But their triumphant story did not escape tragedies over the years, including terror attacks and fallen soldiers. The recent loss of IDF hero Captain Liron Shanir, a son of Ofra, serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made in defense of the beloved land. Liron’s life embodied courage, faith, and a deep-rooted commitment to Biblical values, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire.

Despite many trials over the years, the people of Ofra are steadfast in their commitment to develop and defend the land God entrusted to them. But they need your help! Your donation today to give a special needs child the ability to experience field trips, hikes, and other excursions during the week before Passover is a priceless gift to the parents and brings indescribable joy to a child at Heart of Benjamin. Please donate generously for a Special Needs child to experience camp the week before Passover.


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