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Jewish Bible

Sondra Baras
The Nations Are Seeking Out Israel Eager to Learn Torah!

From the four corners of the earth, the nations are seeking out Israel, eager to learn and understand G-d’s word as it emanates from Jerusalem.  We are witness to the fulfillment of this prophecy.  We are living in amazing times when the nations are seeking out the word of G-d from Jerusalem, asking the people of Israel to share the wisdom of centuries of intense Bible study.

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Letter from Sondra – June 2018
On: May 29, 2018
By: Elyshia Johnson

The past few weeks have been exciting and wonderful.  It began with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s dramatic revelation that Israel had seized tens of thousands of Iranian documents and digital files detailing their active and dangerous nuclear weapons program.

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Sondra Baras speaking in Green Valley AZ
The Miracle of Christian Zionists
On: Apr 30, 2018
By: Elyshia Johnson

As I reflect on these various conversations, with Jews who are trying to understand new developments in Christianity and with Christians who are trying to understand their connection to Judaism and to Jews, I realize that while the main goal of CFOIC Heartland has always been to connect Christians to Israel and specifically to Judea and Samaria, so much of what I am doing is far broader than that. 

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