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Heartland Highlight

November 2023 Heartland Highlight: Tekoa Art Center

Tekoa needs your help to complete its vision of creating a vibrant contemporary art center in the Biblical Heartland. The Madeleine Greenwald Art Center provides a unique venue for local and visiting artists to create, collaborate, and share their pioneering and Israeli experiences.

August 2023 Heartland Highlight: Kochav Yaakov

Kochav Yaakov is asking you to help cover the cost of hot lunches for the needy children of their community. These caring pioneers need your help to ensure no child in their community will go hungry.

July 2023 Heartland Highlight: Zufim

The people of Zufim desperately need to renovate an existing building and convert it into a safe, inviting place for their teens to socialize and engage in enrichment activities.

June 2023 Heartland Highlight: Tekoa

Tekoa, a vibrant community in the Judean Desert, desperately needs additional surveillance cameras to protect families from constant terrorist threats. Help them purchase vital surveillance cameras so they can protect their perimeter and keep a sharp eye on their surroundings. Your donation today can help save a life in Biblical Israel.

May 2023 Heartland Highlight: Karnei Shomron

Karnei Shomron is determined to help the families of children with a variety of special
needs, those dealing with intense grief, learning disabilities and other emotional
challenges. Investing in these children and their families will enable them to reach their
full potential and find joy in their lives.

April 2023 Heartland Highlight: Ofra

The Heart of Benjamin program, in Ofra, caters to families residing in the Benjamin region, providing resources for severely disabled children and their families, and helping them navigate a myriad of educational and social challenges. During the week before Passover the program operates camps for the severely disabled children, providing structure, and a memorable camp experience.