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May 2023 Heartland Highlight: Karnei Shomron

Karnei Shomron is determined to help the families of children with a variety of special needs, those dealing with intense grief, learning disabilities and other emotional challenges. Investing in these children and their families will enable them to reach their full potential and find joy in their lives. Your donation will give these children and their families the ability to thrive.

There is not one mold for all children. And, unfortunately, circumstances or tragedies can leave children struggling. Karnei Shomron, an exemplary community where every child matters, is a leader in the field of supplemental education and family resources, actively practicing prevention, early intervention, and treatment instead of waiting to take action when a child is already in crisis.

Not every child adjusts easily to a traditional school, but sometimes all a struggling child needs is a trained professional to identify a specific weakness and offer the corrective tools to help the child thrive. Mafteach is the center for special education in Karnei Shomron. The center offers a wide array of specialists, including occupational, speech, and emotional therapy for children with learning, behavioral, speech, or motor challenges. Focusing on early intervention and in coordination with local schools, the center facilitates integration into mainstream classrooms when possible and provides parents with the resources they need to support their children’s progress. This year, Mafteach needs your help to cover the salary of a social worker, a position so vital for coordinating each child’s treatment, but sorely lacking funding from any other source. Additionally, there is an ongoing need for continuing education courses for its staff, diagnostic evaluations, and therapeutic games.

Grief is an inevitable part of life, affecting family relationships and dynamics. Without the right support, children can spiral out of control, sinking into dysfunction and at-risk behavior. In Karnei Shomron, a municipality with a population of 11,000, there are a growing number of families who have lost a loved one. The Karnei Shomron Family Center would like to offer a series of workshops and special activities to help local parents and children face their grief and regain a sense of purpose and joy.

Parenting special-needs children is a daily uphill battle. Emotionally and physically drained, parents are less available to tend to the needs of their other children, causing strain within the family. The Family Center would also like to help the parents and siblings of special -needs children cope with the psychological and emotional challenges they face. They are turning to you to help provide therapeutic and fun family workshops.

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