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Christian Zionists

Henk Poot: Leading A Spiritual Transformation

Henk Poot: Leading a Spiritual Trasnformation Some of the greatest leaders feel motivated to change the world at a very young age. Reverend Henk Poot stands out as someone whose commitment to the Bible from early childhood paved the path for him to assume a leadership role in revitalizing the Biblical Heartland. Born in 1955 … Read more

Victoria James: Revealing What God Loves

Victoria James: Revealing What God Loves The journey towards God requires peeling many layers. Like an onion, as we peel each layer, the truth we uncover often brings tears to our eyes. Victoria recalls her journey to God as one of shedding layers and even tears, to reveal a life of humility, a commitment to … Read more

Pastor Nick Plummer: A Compelling Truth

Pastor Nick Plummer: A Compelling Truth Pastor Nick Plummer’s deep love for Israel started as a seed God placed in his heart; as God gently guided Plummer through his spiritual journey, this seed grew and developed into a great love, deeply rooted in commitment and enthusiasm. For Nick Plummer, supporting Israel is a compelling truth. … Read more

Change is not Always a Good Thing

We cannot know what 2018 will have in store for us.  Will we lose a loved one?  Will we suffer illness or tragedy?  I certainly hope not.  But we are not in control.  We can do our best; we can do what we believe G-d is expecting of us, but we know that G-d is in control.