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Seasonal Projects

Passover 2024

There is a special needs child who needs your help today! Passover is a special time for families For parents who are raising a special needs child, the pre-Passover camps are something their child looks forward to all year long.  You can support special-needs children in holiday camp activities during the week before Passover, giving … Read more

Shabbat for the Family

You can provide a Shabbat meal for a family Supporting our courageous IDF Soldiers and their families When the war began, it sent 350,000 reserve soldiers – many of whom are husbands and fathers – into battle. Imagine the impact on Israel, countless families left without a father or husband. In certain regions, like Judea … Read more

Build Biblical Israel

Support Jewish Life in theBiblical Heartland Your gift will ENCOURAGE the BRAVE PIONEERS of Judea and Samaria and SUPPORT THEIR GROWTH! Throughout Judea and Samaria, dedicated Jewish Pioneers are coming together to create warm and vibrant communities. Their commitment and enthusiasm are inspiring, but they cannot build strong communities and attract new families without resources. … Read more

Help Ukrainian Refugees in Samaria

 A family arrived directly from Ukraine to Revava, and were welcomed in their new home by Revava residents, in the neighborhood established by CFOIC Heartland, supported totally by our Christian friends in the US and Holland.  Revava residents pulled their new neighbors into a circle and started dancing, singing songs of praise to G-d for … Read more

CFOIC Heartland Israel Office

Donate Today! CFOIC Heartland CFOIC Heartland was founded in 1995 to educate Christians about the Jewish pioneers currently living in Biblical Israel – the communities of Judea and Samaria – and the truth behind the movement to settle the Biblical Heartland. In addition, CFOIC Heartland has sought to bridge the two worlds – the Christian … Read more

The Original Pioneers Need You

SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL PIONEERS IN THE BIBLICAL HEARTLAND CELEBRATING 75 YEARS OF COURAGE! Today, Israel is 75 years old, and over half a million Jews now live in Judea and Samaria – a testament to these pioneers’ sacrifices. But the growing communities of Judea and Samaria need your help to honor and care for their … Read more

Join Gideon’s Army!

We are asking you to stand with CFOIC Heartland by joining Gideon’s Army. The people of Judea and Samaria need your prayers, activism, and support. Stand with Jews  who have chosen to possess the Land! Stand with Jews in Judea and Samaria who have chosen to fulfill God’s commands to possess the Land! We are … Read more

Plant a tree in Israel

Fulfill prophecy by planting a tree in Israel! You will receive a certificate for every tree you plant. You can take part in the greening of Judea and Samaria, in the heart of Biblical Israel. Fulfill Prophecy – Plant A Tree! Click here for more project details You will receive a certificate for every $25 … Read more