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Seasonal Projects

Heroes of Biblical Israel

The early pioneers of Israel’s settlement movement are true heroes. Laying aside more comfortable lifestyles in their youth, they invested their lives to build the communities of Judea and Samaria. Today they need your assistance. Support the Senior Citizens of Biblical Israel They gave their youth… Now you can give back… The silver-haired head is … Read more


Honor the Shemittah (Sabbath) Year! Join us as we honor Shemittah and beautify the Land of Israel! But in the seventh year, the land shall have a Sabbath of complete rest, a Sabbath of the Lord; you shall not sow your field or prune your vineyard. Leviticus 25:4 For years, CFOIC donors have planted trees … Read more

Gideon’s Army

We are asking you to stand with CFOIC Heartland by joining Gideon’s Army. The people of Judea and Samaria need your prayers, activism, and support. Stand with Jews  who have chosen to possess the Land! Join Gideon’s Army Today! Click here for more project details We are asking you to stand with CFOIC Heartland by … Read more