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Seasonal Projects

Sukkot 2022

You can wish a family in Samaria “Chag Sameach” (Happy Holiday) during Sukkot! I will bless those who Bless you. Gen. 12:3 Menachem and Esti Damari have been struggling to provide for their ten children for several years. After he suffered a stroke and underwent a long rehabilitation process, Menachem lost his business, and debts … Read more

Honor your father this Father’s Day!

Honor a father in your life by blessing fatherless boys in Judea! The Bet Hagai Youth Village needs your help to provide these lost boys with the things they most need: clothes and shoes, art programs, outdoor exercise equipment and so much more. As the school staff, counselors and home parents reach out to these … Read more

Refugees in Samaria

The Samaria Regional Municipality desperately needs your help to build 10 pre-fab homes, including the accompanying infrastructure, for Ukrainian Jewish refugees. With your support, these displaced families can genuinely feel that they have come home. Welcoming Ukranian Refugees Click here for more project details The Samaria Regional Municipality desperately needs your help to build 10 … Read more

Honor your mother this Mother’s Day!

Honor a mother in your life by giving to the women of Samaria!  https://youtu.be/hDgML0nC86c In this video, Chedva shares her experiences of being a young pregnant mother in Samaria. And the challenges are many. There is an urgent need for an ultrasound machine to provide quality medical treatment for pregnant women in the most isolated … Read more

Help Ukrainian Refugees in Samaria

A child arriving on the flight carrying orphans out of Ukraine arrives in Israel (Photo: Sivan Hilaie)  As the situation in Ukraine deteriorates from day to day, we all feel compelled to help.  Many of those fleeing the war zone are Jews who are eligible to make Aliyah.  And we all know that there is … Read more

CFOIC Heartland Israel Office

Donate Today! CFOIC Heartland CFOIC Heartland was founded in 1995 to educate Christians about the Jewish pioneers currently living in Biblical Israel – the communities of Judea and Samaria – and the truth behind the movement to settle the Biblical Heartland. In addition, CFOIC Heartland has sought to bridge the two worlds – the Christian … Read more

Join Gideon’s Army!

We are asking you to stand with CFOIC Heartland by joining Gideon’s Army. The people of Judea and Samaria need your prayers, activism, and support. Stand with Jews  who have chosen to possess the Land! Stand with Jews in Judea and Samaria who have chosen to fulfill God’s commands to possess the Land! We are … Read more