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Shabbat for the Family

You can provide a
Shabbat meal for a family

Supporting our courageous IDF Soldiers and their families

When the war began, it sent 350,000 reserve soldiers – many of whom are husbands and fathers – into battle. Imagine the impact on Israel, countless families left without a father or husband. In certain regions, like Judea and Samaria, entire communities are left with only mothers and children as the majority of men have gone to fight. There are numerous questions surrounding this war but for those affected families, the most pressing query is, “When will Daddy come home?”

We may not be able to answer the children’s anixious cries, but you can offer support and love to these young families during this difficult time. The absence of fathers during Shabbat meals – an integral part of Jewish culture and tradition – leaves a profound void. There is an unmistakable emptiness when they sit down to dinner without Abba (Dad), at the table. They share stories without him and miss him intensely.

To provide some solace and a touch of love you can send these families a specially-curated Shabbat box filled with everything needed for a traditional meal, from challah bread to main dishes and everything in between. Though Abba (Dad) may not be physically present at the head of the table, these boxes help remind them that you care about their well-being and offer your unwavering support.

For just $100 you can sponsor a Shabbat Box for a family in Judea and Samaria.