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Reflections on Prayers for Good Health

February 2011 Too many of us know, from personal experience, what it’s like when someone close to us is diagnosed with a serious illness. You feel like you have to do something… everything and anything possible in order to help. You go to the best doctors in that field; you ask for a second opinion, … Read more

Reflections on the Prayers for Purim

March 2011 I can’t get those faces of the Fogel family out of my mind. Udi and Ruth, the mother and father, little Yoav and Elad the sons, and Hadas the baby girl. Friday night, two knife-wielding terrorist monsters infiltrated the Samaria community of Itamar, just outside of Shechem, and slaughtered these five members of … Read more

Reflections on the Yizkor Service

May 2011   Last week I attended the ceremony commemorating Israel’s Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror at my son’s school. Every school, every city, every small community, has a ceremony commemorating the country’s heroes– those who fell in the battlefields of our endlessly long list of wars, and those who fell … Read more

Reflections on the Prayer For Our Children

June 2011   Today is June 14, but it is also the 12th day of the Hebrew month of Sivan, a month which boasts the Jewish holiday of Shavuot- Pentecost- the holiday celebrating the Giving of our Torah. It’s a very special holiday and a very special month… a time in which we are meant … Read more

People in My Neighborhood: Meet Mr. Gorman

Mr. Gorman

I was walking down my block,Hashikma Road, the other day and passed #20. There was a little red tricycle parked outside and a small plastic slide perched on the front lawn. I still do a double take when I realize there is a new, young family living there. To me, that will always be Mr. … Read more

Exciting Israeli Election – January 8, 2012

We are just two weeks away from national elections in Israel and it is, indeed, a unique election campaign.  Not so much because the parties have changed their strategies or because the campaign slogans are surprising, but because, for the first time in decades, the outcome of the elections is a foregone conclusion.  Everyone, even … Read more

Dezember 2011

Dezember 2011 einmal im Jahr nutze ich die Gelegenheit, Ihnen direkt zu schreiben. Ich möchte Ihnen damit  im Namen der christlichen Leitung von CFOIC Biblisches Kernland meinen persönlichen Dank für die Unterstützung unserer Arbeit aussprechen. Vielen Dank, dass Sie CFOIC Biblisches Kernland in diesem Jahr unterstützt haben. Mit Hilfe so treuer Freunde wie Sie konnten … Read more


This is the English version of Meditate, by Rev. Henk Poot.

November 2011

November 2011   De feestdagen zijn weer voorbij en we zijn weer overgegaan tot de orde van de dag. We kijken uit naar het begin van de winter en bidden dagelijks voor de regen die zo nodig is voor ons woestijnland. Er zijn geen feestdagen op de de kalender deze maand, een soort van rustperiode … Read more

Wedding – September 6, 2011

Editor’s Note: Because you’ve been with us through so much, we’ve joyfully included some of the pictures from the Baras wedding for you, a part of our family. The first is of the bridegroom being escorted by his dad, the bride’s dad, and friends to verify that the bride is truly his chosen. The second … Read more