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A Visit With Shmuel: Yom Ha’aztmaut

In today’s video, I give you a glimpse of how some of the devout pioneers in the Biblical Heartland express their gratitude to God for the miraculous restoration, 76 years ago, of the People of Israel in the Land of Israel.

Rabbi Leo Dee

Bereaved of his wife and two daughters, all three of whom were killed in a terror attack during Passover last year, Rabbi Dee’s story is one of perseverance and resilience. Rabbi Dee provides all of us with much needed advice on how to make it through the most challenging stretches of life, particularly since October 7th.

An Eye on Zion: Migdal Oz

Tucked into the hills of Gush Etzion just southwest of Jerusalem, the beautiful kibbutz of Migdal Oz stands as a beacon of ongoing resilience. Literally translated into English as “Tower of Strength,” Migdal Oz has truly lived up to its name. Through the years, the kibbutz has endured repeated gunfire and arson attacks by hostile Arab neighbors.


                                 Liebe Freunde, Jeder von uns erlebt in seinem Leben Schlüsselmomente, die immer im Gedächtnis bleiben. Noch Jahre später können wir uns mühelos an die kleinsten Details solcher Erlebnisse erinnern. Jedes Jahr am 11. September fragen viele Amerikaner einander: “Wo … Read more


                                              Beste Vriend, Ieder van ons komt in het leven scharniermomenten tegen die nooit uit ons geheugen gewist zullen worden. Jaren later kunnen we ons gemakkelijk de kleinste details van zulke ervaringen herinneren … Read more

We Can Only Trust in God

As we approached Passover, the entire country debated as to how we would be celebrating this year. Still in the midst of a terrible war, with some 100 hostages still held captive by Hamas in dreadful conditions, we asked ourselves how we would celebrate the holiday of freedom.