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Tene Omarim

Tene Omarim

Tene Omarim is desperate to purchase a security patrol vehicle, and they need your help. This jeep will enable them to stop terrorists from infiltrating and attacking the men, women, and children of Tene Omarim. Protecting Dedicated Pioneers Click here for more project details Tene Omarim is desperate to purchase a fully-equipped security patrol vehicle, … Read more

Meet Ari from the Hebron Hills

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Print CFOIC Heartland is proud to introduce the latest episode of A Modern Pioneer in Biblical Israel. Join Maya Berretta as she interviews a Jewish pioneer, living in a community somewhere in Judea and Samaria. Meet the men and women who are personally fulfilling Biblical prophecy every single day. Click on … Read more

A Visit With Shmuel: Tene Omarim

Join me now, as I enter Tene Omarim… I was inspired by the natural beauty and the people, during my recent visit to Tene Omarim. An isolated community located in the Southern Hebron Hills, Tene Omarim is surrounded by breathtaking, serene desert views that have served as the backdrop to many Biblical stories. In 1984, … Read more