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Judea and Samaria



I was a child in the US in 1967, but I remember vividly the excitement that we all felt when Jerusalem was liberated. And the talk in my house, school and synagogue, was all about the new / ancient places that Jews were now free to visit – Hebron, Shiloh, the mountains of Judea and Samaria. But the excitement was immediately muted by widespread international criticism of Israel for “occupying” Arab territory.

The Opportunity of the Century

There is no time to lose.  Israel must annex the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria now.  We have been granted the opportunity of a lifetime. 

How I celebrate Christmas

I know for many who love Israel and follow the Hebraic roots of our faith, whether or not to celebrate Christmas can be a real struggle.  And I usually get some chastising notes and emails from well-meaning folks who are aghast that I allow a pagan Christmas tree in my home, when I should know better!  So I will apologize in advance if talking about Christmas or saying “Merry Christmas” is offensive to you. 

Journey Through Biblical Israel

Biblical Heartland Reborn

Judea and Samaria is where so much of the Bible took place. But it is also home to 360,000 people. Watch this clip and experience the heart and soul of Judea and Samaria, the Jewish people thriving in the Land promised to them by God!

How to make YOUR Vision come to life

We are encouraged to think about what we want to accomplish in our lives and then write it down, refer to it and continue to strive to reach those goals that we have set for ourselves.  It is a Biblical principle that once we have recorded these dreams and aspirations, something supernatural will happen to help us attain them.  You begin to see them in your mind, and then they start to come to pass in your life.

The Brave Heroes of Rechalim

Rechalim head of security

During the past six months, ever since I started working at CFOIC Heartland, I have met extraordinary people and visited amazing communities. It has been a true pleasure and an eye- opening experience for me to play a part in the wonderful relationship that has been created between our Christian friends and the people of Judea and Samaria. As a resident of Samaria for the past four years, I feel blessed to be able to live my life, build a home and raise my children in this very special area of our beautiful country.

You are saving Lives in Nofei Nehemiah!

As I drove down Route 60 one night, otherwise known as the ancient Path of the Patriarchs, my heart filled with joy. This is the Biblical Heartland, where Abraham first received the promise of the land! And it is truly growing with modern communities. Every group of twinkling lights means another part of the prophecy is being fulfilled,another neighborhood is growing in Judea and Samaria. As I travelled down the road and looked up at the mountains to my right, I rejoiced in one of the smallest of these communities: Nofei Nechemia!

[:en]Letter From Sondra – Sep 2018[:de]Sondra – Sep 2018[:nl]Sondra – Sep 2018[:]

[:en]For years now, as I travel and speak to Christian audiences all over the world, I encounter Christians who are excited about Judea and Samaria.  Their eyes light up when I talk about modern-day Hebron and being able to visit the actual Herodian structure built over the tombs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah.  They are amazed that there are current excavations going on in Biblical Shiloh where they can visit the site of the Tabernacle and learn more about the Biblical history of this special place.[:de]Dieser Sommer entlang unserer Grenze zum Gazastreifen war ein Wahnsinn. Jeden Tag haben arabische Terroristen, einschließlich Kinder und Teenager, Branddrachen und -ballone über den Zaun in die Felder, Wälder und Ortschaften im westlichen Negev geschickt. Die entstandenen Feuer haben Felder kurz vor der Ernte vernichtet und einen Schaden in Höhe von vielen Millionen Dollar verursacht. Es ist ein Wunder, dass niemand durch diese vielen Feuer getötet wurde. Wahrlich, Gott behütet uns. Von Zeit zu Zeit verstärkt die Hamas diese Angriffe mit Mörsergranaten und Raketen. Allein in zwei Tagen im August wurden 180 Raketen auf Israel abgeschossen.[:nl]Deze zomer was krankzinnig aan onze zuidelijke grens met Gaza. Elke dag, zonden Arabische terroristen, ook kinderen en tieners, brandende vliegers en ballonnen met explosieven over het hek maar onze akkers, bossen en dorpen in de westelijke Negev. Miljoenen dollars aan schade was er door branden die onze velden vernietigden die klaar stonden om geoogst te worden. Het was een wonder dat niemand gedood werd door deze branden.G-d waakt werkelijk over ons.[:]

Peace of Mind in Migdal Oz

Should there be a house fire, a car accident, or any emergency situation, the emergency personnel need to know where to go to give aid, and they need to be able to call for help. Can you imagine their frustration watching a house burn down and not being able to reach the main fire department because they can’t get a signal on their cell phone? This is exactly why Migdal Oz is asking for your help.

Bet Yatir – Youth Center Makes a BIG Difference

The Bet Yatir Youth Center has seen hundreds of teens grow up within its walls.  Today, those walls are shabby. This is where you come in. The parents of Bet Yatir are asking you to invest in their teens.  They know the potential within their teens. They are asking you to make a donation so they can refurbish the well-used youth center and make it look new again.