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Eye on Zion

An Eye on Zion: Kedumim

Almost 3,800 years ago, the great-great-grandchildren of Joseph, excitedly surveyed the lush hills of Samaria comprising the tribal territories allotted to them by Joshua. However, the tribesmen of Manasseh and Ephraim, the two sons of Joseph, faced an ostensible dilemma: How would their mountainous territories accommodate and provide for their large populations?

An Eye on Zion: Migdal Oz

Tucked into the hills of Gush Etzion just southwest of Jerusalem, the beautiful kibbutz of Migdal Oz stands as a beacon of ongoing resilience. Literally translated into English as “Tower of Strength,” Migdal Oz has truly lived up to its name. Through the years, the kibbutz has endured repeated gunfire and arson attacks by hostile Arab neighbors.

An Eye on Zion: Ofra

Nestled in the hills of the Benjamin region in Samaria near the historic Mount Baal Hazor, Ofra is more than just a suburban area. It is a testament to the timeless bond between the people of Israel and the land God promised them.

An Eye on Zion: Gilgal – Argaman

As the Children of Israel prepared to cross the Jordan River, two and a half tribes, Reuben, Gad, and half of Manasseh, sought permission to settle the lush, fertile soil on the eastern side of the Jordan.