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Nofei Nehemiah Stories

Stories that feature Bet Hagai

Below are a collection articles and/or videos that feature Bet Hagai if you would like to learn more about this amazing community:

Fall 2018 Highlight

You are saving Lives in Nofei Nehemiah!

As I drove down Route 60 one night, otherwise known as the ancient Path of the Patriarchs, my heart filled with joy. This is the Biblical Heartland, where Abraham first received the promise of the land! And it is truly growing with modern communities. Every group of twinkling lights means another part of the prophecy is being fulfilled,another neighborhood is growing in Judea and Samaria. As I travelled down the road and looked up at the mountains to my right, I rejoiced in one of the smallest of these communities: Nofei Nechemia!

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N featered photo

Nahala (Inheritance) – Summer 2021

Raising the Next generation of pioneers Shima is a small, relatively isolated community in the Hebron Hills, where core values of “love thy neighbor” and commitment to reviving the Jewish presence in Biblical Israel run

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Copy of 960x540 Shmuel Vlog (18)

A Visit With Shmuel: Nofei Nehemiah

One of the things that distinguishes Nofei Nechemiah from so many other communities is the fact that it was established by young people who themselves had grown up in Judea and Samaria and wanted to continue the pioneering life-style and values of their parents.

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Copy of 960x540 Bat Ayin I (17)

Nofei Nehemiah

Nofei Nechemia must establish and equip an emergency center to protect local families from ongoing terrorist threats. Your generous gift will play a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of the citizens of Nofei Nechemia

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