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A Visit With Shmuel: Rechalim

Rechalim represents to me, more than anything else, is incredible bravery in the face of enormous security challenges. In this film, I show how Arab homes are located so close to the local kindergarten and how a concrete wall had to be erected to protect the children from Arab snipers.

The Battle Over Area C

the community of Telem is surrounded by hostile Arab villages, in particular the growing town of Tarkumiyeh. The land surrounding the community is in Area C, an area legally under exclusive Israeli control. The land is public land, none of it owned by any private individual, Arab or Jew. And, by law, in order to build or develop anything on this land, Israeli government permission is required. While the people of Telem are careful law-abiding citizens and only build new homes and public buildings after receiving government authorization, the Arabs in the area are blatantly defying government regulations and developing this public land.


Bij het begin van een Nieuwjaar We hebben zojuist het Joodse vakantieseizoen afgesloten, dat het grootste deel van de maand Tisjrei beslaat, de 7e Bijbelse maand. Beginnend met de meer serieuze feestdagen – het Joodse Nieuwjaar, Rosh HaShanah, en dan Yom Kippur, de Grote Verzoendag, en eindigend met het vreugdevolle Loofhuttenfeest en Simchat Torah, is … Read more

Bereisheet (In the Beginning) Genesis 1:1 – 6:8

We begin the cycle again. Last weekend we celebrated Simchat Torah and read the final chapters of Deuteronomy with special ceremony. We then proceeded to read the first chapter of Genesis, as a way of saying that the Torah never ends, but every ending includes with it a new beginning.