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Vayishlach (And He (Jacob) Sent) – Genesis 32:4 – 36:43

Torah (1)

In Portion Vayishlach Jacob prepares to meet Esau with gifts, prayer, and potential combat. Why did the angel visit Jacob on the night before meeting his brother? Is this similar to meetings experienced by Joshua, Moses, and Bilaam?

The angel helps Jacob accept that he is extraordinary and must step into his role as G-d’s chosen. So too must we struggle to fulfill our own callings. Join Shmuel for another episode of Shabbat Shalom with Shmuel: Torah Portions from the Heartland!

1 thought on “Vayishlach (And He (Jacob) Sent) – Genesis 32:4 – 36:43”

  1. Shalom Shmuel!

    Thank you for your teachings on this week’s parasha.

    I am curious? Did your ancestors remain in Yisrael after the Roman’s exile in 70 AD and 133 AD? Or did they return during the Zionist movement, Spanish Inquisition or Islam countries kicking of Hebrew Yisraelites out of their countries?


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