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Vayetzei (And He (Jacob) Left) – Genesis 28:10 – 32:3

Torah (1)

Welcome to Portion Vayetzei! This week Jacob is running from his brother. Though he gained both the birthright and the blessing Jacob finds himself penniless and wandering through no man’s land. Yet Jacob remains hopeful. What is the connection between Jacob’s hope and the plight of the modern state of Israel?

It is said that Jacob never reconciled the loss of his son Joseph. So, we too must await the return of the hostages held in Gaza. Bring them home. 

1 thought on “Vayetzei (And He (Jacob) Left) – Genesis 28:10 – 32:3”

  1. Hello Shmuel,
    Bless you for your exposition this morning, it gave me hope.
    Let us never forget the promises G-d has given us. They are very great and precious.He will bring us to victory and eternal blessings.


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