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Tzav (And He Commanded Moses) – Leviticus 6:1 – 8:36

Torah (1)

Portion Tzav describes the sacrifices performed in the Tabernacle. Shmuel connects this portion to Psalm 107, A psalm of thanksgiving. This Psalm is essentially “…recognition of the fact that God is good”. Thankfulness, matzah, and sacrifice all come together in this episode of Shabbat Shalom with Shmuel!

1 thought on “Tzav (And He Commanded Moses) – Leviticus 6:1 – 8:36”

  1. Shalom Shmuel!

    Thank you for that teaching. May I add my thoughts on the two loaves on Shavuot.

    I believe the two loaves with the yeast symbolizes multiplication. In Acts 2, we read that on the day that the priest were waving the 2 loaves, Yeshua sent Ruach HaKodesh to His believers who had come up for the Feast Day of Shavuot. Yeshua had instructed His talmidim to pray for some help in spreading the good news of Him coming as HaMashiach. The coming of Ruach HaKodesh did just that. Those believers, especially, Simeon Kefa, was able to teach in every language. Almost 3,000 was added to the body of believers, despite persecution.


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