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Tazria (Conceived seed) – Leviticus 12:1-13:59

Torah (1)

This week we read portion Tazria, but Shmuel is already looking ahead to next week’s portion, Mezora which deals with the topic of leprosy. Could leprosy be a tool to help the affected person? How did watering plastic plants inspire an Israeli entrepreneur? Shmuel unravels it all in this week’s video.

1 thought on “Tazria (Conceived seed) – Leviticus 12:1-13:59”

  1. Interesting reflection on the leprosy issue as highlighted in Lev. 12 & 13. There is a heavy emphasis on exclusion, destruction of the source of leprosy and stopping infection of leprosy from spreading. This realises an identity issue of the leper that, at some point needs addressing. I am not sure I totally understand how Shmuel addresses this or that I can totally tune into his thinking. However, it is constructive, and, at the end, there is in Lev 13 (I think!) a move for the leper once cured to be restored to normal Israel society. Finding alternatives to the ‘lepers’ of our society/community, etc is what it is all about.


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