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Meet A Pioneer: Chedva

CFOIC Heartland is proud to introduce Maya Berretta, our Content and Project Manager, in her new series – A Modern Pioneer in Biblical Israel.

Community at a Glance: Migdalim

This is the series you have been waiting for – the chance to visit communities in Judea and Samaria, from the comfort of your home, and catch a glimpse of life in each and every community!

A Visit With Shmuel: Migdalim

I love visiting the community of Migdalim. Boasting 360° of breathtaking views of the Samarian Hills, green agricultural lands, and the Jordan Valley, Migdalim has always captured my heart. Join me in this episode, as I visit Migdalim, a vibrant, growing community in Samaria, tagged as Samaria’s Capital for Young People.