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Meet A Pioneer: Chedva


CFOIC Heartland is proud to introduce Maya Berretta, our Content and Project Manager, in her new series – A Modern Pioneer in Biblical Israel. In each episode, Maya will interview a Jewish pioneer, giving you an intimate portrait of the men and women who are personally fulfilling Biblical prophecy every single day. You will join Maya as she walks into their living rooms, gaining a glimpse of their home environment, daily reality, and motivation for settling the Biblical Heartland.

Chedva in Migdalim

There is no better way to kick off our new series than with Chedva Emor. With a confident smile, Chedva talks about growing up in Israel as a daughter of immigrants, completing her own parents’ Zionist aspiration, as well as the Biblical prophecy for the Jewish people. Having lived in both city and isolated community environments, Chedva talks about why she and her husband chose to settle and raise their family in a small community in Samaria and the daily reality of that choice.

Chedva shared her experiences of being a young pregnant mother in Samaria. And the challenges are many. There is an urgent need for an ultrasound machine to provide quality medical treatment for pregnant women in the most isolated communities in Samaria. Thankfully, there are many pregnancies and births each year. But many families struggle financially, and most have only one car and some, no car at all. While basic medical services are available in most communities, specialized services are not easily available. You can protect the unborn children of Samaria. Click here to help purchase an ultrasound machine for the women of Samaria.

2 thoughts on “Meet A Pioneer: Chedva”

  1. Chedva keeps on saying she is going to work. What does she do and how far is it to commute?
    This was very interesting and I look forward to seeing more videos of the pioneers in Israel

    Thank you!

    • Hi Felitia, Hedva is a music therapist. She travels from Migdalim to Shiloh, which is about 30 minutes drive, without traffic. Thank you for asking!

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