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Hebron Hills

Hebron Hills Security

The Hebron Hills Regional Council critically needs your help to purchase a security truck for patrolling the area. With your contribution, security personnel will have the resources to quickly respond to security threats and emergencies. Give Israel’s Guardians the Gift of Mobility Click here for more project details The Hebron Hills Regional Council critically needs … Read more

Liat’s Story: Blind and Abandoned to Loved and Wanted

Forty-years years ago a baby was abandoned by her biological parents after they discovered she was blind. She was left at the hospital and had no one in the world to care for her. One day an amazing couple came to the hospital and heard this child’s story.

Our Emotional Visit to the Bet Hagai Youth Village

The Bet Hagai Youth Village is an extraordinary project that was undertaken by its pioneering founders as a way of strengthening Israeli society. The village provides loving group homes and house parents for teenage boys, many of whom come broken in spirit and from broken homes.  Bet Hagai enables them to enter adulthood with hope and a healing of their souls.