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Emergency equipment

[:en]Letter From Sondra – July 2018[:de]Sondra – July 2018[:nl]Sondra – Juni 2018[:]

[:en]What has been presented by Hamas and by so much of the international media as a civilian protest, has actually been armed terrorists mixed with civilians, posing a serious threat to Israel’s borders, its safety and it ability to protect its citizens.  Israel’s response was measured and consistent with the threat. [:]

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Keeping Zufim Safe
On: May 14, 2018
By: Elyshia Johnson

Zufim would like to focus on additional emergency equipment that will help the volunteers and professionals of Zufim ugrade their security protection.  There is a pressing need to establish a network of surveillance cameras with a central command control station, including solar transmission ability, to prevent infiltration and breaches of security by hostile elements. All of these important improvements to Zufim’s security system will represent a huge step towards creating that safe home that Zufim residents are so eager to provide for their families. I hope you will do whatever you can to help the people of Zufim stay safe, feel safe, and protect their children to the best of their ability.

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