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By: Elyshia Johnson
Feb 27, 2021

Music has helped Dolev’s youth joyfully embrace “love thy neighbor”. Your gift towards a music center for them will stoke their passion for giving. You can bless the biblical Heartland with a gift of music. Strengthening Teens Through Music Click here for more project details Despite their devasting brush with tragedy, music has given Dolev’s […]

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The Thanks Belong to You!
On: Aug 11, 2020
By: Kim Troup

August 11, 2020by Sondra Baras A few weeks ago, we held our first annual CFOIC Heartland Conference of Judea and Samaria communities.  This was a dream of mine for some time — to gather together in one room the representatives of all the communities we work with as well as the various mayors, to share […]

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Terrorism Needs To Stop; The Jews Are Here To Stay
On: Jul 7, 2015
By: Kim Troup

July 7, 2012 Terrorism has reared its head again in Judea and Samaria.and in Jerusalem.  We are not yet witnessing a full-scale terrorism war on the scale of what was happening here 10 years ago.  Far from it.  The atmosphere is peaceful and people travel regularly and comfortably throughout the area.  But some of the […]

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