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A Visit With Shmuel: Samaria Region Emergency Center

Israel is finally getting back to a sort of normal and we are traveling freely now.  So I was very excited to be able to visit the Samaria Regional Security Center and see for myself how the dedicated staff and volunteers of Samaria are protecting the men, women and children of the area.  

The center is located near the communities of Har Bracha and Rechalim, not far from the Biblical Oak of Moreh.  These amazing pioneers who are settling in the Biblical Heartland, securing God’s promised land and fulfilling prophecy each day, deserve the highest level of protection.  The security personnel I met that day are truly safeguarding the people and places of this Holy Land.

With God’s help, one day soon, I will be able to take you to the Biblical mountains of Samaria in person and stop in at the regional security center. But until then, join me on this virtual tour of the Samaria Regional Security Center.

As I mentioned in my vlog, the security center is fully equipped with cameras, monitors, and a host of communications equipment. But as more terrorists are choosing arson as a key method of attack, it is imperative that the Regional Security center include a proper fire station. You can join with the people of Samaria and become protectors of Zion, by donating to help build the Regional Fire Station. You can protect the people of God’s land from the terror of fire.

God Bless, 


Shmuel Junger

Development Director

CFOIC Heartland

In the remote communities of Samaria they desperately need your help to build a regional fire station, which will give them a local Fire Department to call in an emergency and will help improve security in all of Northern Samaria.

1 thought on “A Visit With Shmuel: Samaria Region Emergency Center”

  1. This is good! It is an education to see how good you guys are regarding security. Sad to say, you will need more of this throughout Israel, as I see the world is slowly but surely, turning against Israel, but, thank G-d, Israel is more and more able to defend itself without outside help. So, keep them coming!
    Shalom and bleessinbgs
    Mike L

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