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Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu Under Investigation

By: Sondra Baras
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Binyamin Netanyahu is one of the most talented prime ministers that Israel has ever had.  He is brilliant, an amazing strategist, a statesman who is admired around the world.  He was the best Finance Minister Israel ever had and single-handedly reversed the Israeli economy, enabling it to take advantage of the incredible talents the Israeli work-force has to offer and laid the foundations for the strong and growing economy that Israel has enjoyed for more than a decade.

From a political point of view, Netanyahu is a conservative.  Although Netanyahu did formally endorse the 2 State Solution in his famous Bar-Ilan speech in the early days of the Obama administration, in the course of that speech, he redefined the word “state” such that it basically referred to an autonomy.

While expressing willingness for territorial compromise, Netanyahu also insisted that the Arabs recognize Israel as a Jewish State, something that they will never be able to do.  There are those, therefore, that believe that Netanyahu was never really in favor of the 2 State Solution but endorsed it as part of a realpolitik strategy to shift the pressure onto the Palestinians.  Under the Obama Administration, this approach did not succeed.  Under the Trump Administration, things are changing radically.

Just a few weeks ago, I was privileged to be invited to a luncheon with the Prime Minister on his historic visit to Karnei Shomron.  At that time, he expressed his unqualified support for Judea and Samaria and expressed his own strong emotional attachment to the hills and valleys of this central, Biblical, and historical part of the country. While I believe that Netanyahu should formally reject the 2 State Solution, I do believe that he is operating under the assumption that that option is dead.  And that is a very good thing.  Just yesterday, at the Annual AIPAC conference in Washington, Minister of Education Naftali Bennett announced that the 2 State Solution is no longer relevant.  While Bennett is the head of a party to the right of Netanyahu’s Likud, Bennett’s clear statement probably represents an opinion that Netanyahu would adopt but for various international political considerations.

Sondra Baras And Prim Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Sondra Baras And Prim Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

But despite broad support in the country for Netanyahu’s political positions and despite even broader admiration for his amazing talents, Netanyahu has been the target of an unprecedented attack on the part of a significant portion of the Israeli media and of the small but very vocal Israeli left.  For some years now, but especially in the past year or so, certain public figures in Israel cannot hide their deep disdain and even hatred for Bibi.  It is astounding and it is sad.

But today, and in recent months, a new reality has been created.  The police have been involved in ongoing investigations of corruption and wrongdoing at the highest levels of government, including and in some cases, focusing on Netanyahu.  There are those who connect these investigations with the pathological hatred of Netanyahu that has been expressed in some quarters.  But while these accusations are extremely troubling, I do believe that the police have the integrity and are exercising the necessary caution in investigating all of these charges.

I am deeply disturbed by these charges and hope and pray that they will be found to have no foundation.  It is too early to tell.  But while Netanyahu continues to handle complicated diplomatic and strategic issues with aplomb, his domestic situation is deteriorating.  While his support in the polls remains high and is climbing higher in certain circles, as parts of the Israeli public identify the investigations with the ongoing political attacks against Netanyahu, recent revelations in the media point to a growing involvement of Netanyahu in problematic transactions.

Netanyahu has served as Israeli’s prime minister longer than any other person in our short history.  He has been at the center of enormous power and has done great things for Israel.  But 2 years ago, during the last election campaign, as hatred against him grew, I felt that it was time for him to step down.  That there was something unhealthy about the same person sitting at the helm for so long, that such enormous power creates fissures in the country, opportunities for corruption and an arrogance that is dangerous for any leader.

I hope that Netanyahu will be found to be innocent of any criminal wrong-doing.  But it is already clear that he has become too wrapped up in the trappings of power, too addicted to material possessions.  I am reminded of Samuel’s fears when the Nation asked for a king (I Samuel 8:11-18).  Samuel was concerned that power would corrupt the purity of a king’s decisions and actions, that he would abandon his G-d-given obligations and G-d, in turn, would abandon the nation.

I yearn for a leader that is truly a man of faith, a man that puts the interests of his country above his own personal interests, a man that disdains the material and strives for the good and the pure.  This may well be a utopian dream.  But it is a dream I cling to.


16 thoughts on “Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu Under Investigation”

  1. We will prayer for Israel and Mr nethanyahu in particular. You are always in our prayers here at our group in Papakura, new Zealand. We pray always for peace in Jerusalem and safety for your people from those who seek to harm Israel. No weapon formed against Israel will prosper, and every tongue which rises against her I do condemn. This is your heritage. Shalom shalom Kerry.

  2. A group of us here in the UK, pray regularly for Bibi, so we too hope that he is not found to be guilty of any criminal activity but I can endorse all that is written in the final 2 paragraphs of the above.

  3. Sondra, I follow Israeli news regularly and it appears to me that Netanyahu is suffering similar attacks there that our President Trump is here. I feel that Bibi IS a man of God, had heard that he has had many Bible (Torah) sessions with others. I truly believe G-d has put him where he is for a reason and pray that these allegations prove to be manufactured. As a matter of fact, I saw an article where a Judge and a Prosecutor were caught colluding on a pre-determined outcome in the courts through their texts/messages to each other. I think these are demonic forces working against him b/c Satan knows that he IS an envoy of Hashem. Please keep the faith and pray for Netanyahu’s victory over these dark forces against him. (And pray for the same with our President Trump too if you would. I think the same dark forces are at work against him.)

  4. Totally agree with all above. Both my prayer groups continue to pray for him and for the protection of Israel and all her people. Always I pray too for you, Ed and the family.

  5. Sondra, I & my friends in the UK have prayed,& do pray, for Israel & Mr Netanyahu at a weekly prayer meeting. We pray for him & his family’s blessing & protection; and G-D to be merciful to them. Incidentally, do you see anyone in the current Israeli political scene that comes close to the kind of leader you speak of? We would love to be praying for them too.

  6. Agree in prayer with all you say. Praying for our leaders is the best intercession for our nations. Shalom to all.

  7. Thank you, Sondra. It is good to read your thoughts on this important matter. It is also encouraging to know that Mr. Netanyahu receives so much prayer from believers around the world. Thank you, Rachel Welch, for your assessment. Many of us see the similarities between the spiritual warfare swirling around Trump’s administration and Netanyahu’s leadership. While it is not good for any man to be in power too long for the reasons Sondra cites, nevertheless at this critical stage, with so many dangerous natural security threats coming against Israel, it is my prayer that Bibi should step down only when G-d says his premiership is finished–and not according to the wishes of his many detractors and enemies.

  8. Amos 9:9, (NLT). For I have commanded that Israel ?? shall be persecuted by the other nations as grain is sifted in a sieve, yet not one true kernel will be lost. Attack against Nethanyahu is attack against Israel, God has promised victory. Who knows whether the enemy nations are behind it. Israel will come out of every challenge better, stronger, greater. God is faithful to His words. Our prayers are with Israel and Bibi.

  9. I believe judgement is coming for corrupt leaders. The Super Blood Moon was on the Jewish festival of trees. Trees represent leaders. Judgement begins at the house of the L-rd but it will not stop there. The same measure that is used to judge Hashem’s anointed will be used on those who seek to destroy them. Then Hashem will raise up leaders who are called according to his purposes. This is a time of great rejoicing. May Hashem protect Bibi and Trump under the shadow of his wings. This is a difficult time right now but when we get past this, will of the L-rd will be accomplished.

  10. My heart goes out to Trump and BB. Its seems when God puts a man in place the enemy goes on a rampage to destroy his reputation as a leader with so many accusations, tho untrue, can destroy peoples respect and trust in them. We pray Hashem will intervene and strike down the trouble makers controlled by satan. Shalom for Yerusalaim

  11. we will hold the Netanyahu family in prayer. we respect the man for his perseverance , and love for Israel. we hope he will be absolved of any crime ; it is in Hashem’s hands.

  12. Shalom! I As long as a person is a God-fearing leader, he/she will serve the nation well. Will continue to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

  13. I am Israeli living in Israel, but if the only way Israel can exist as a Jewish nation is to imprison three million Palestinians in the West Bank and two million Palestinians in Gaza then Israel is an illegitimate nation. Only when it respects equal rights of all inhabitants of Judea and Samaria and Gaza can it be called legitimate. A nation of 6.5 million Jews that occupies and oppresses 5 million Palestinians in order to ensure its racial majority is not of God.

  14. I agree with you 100%. It is terrible to hold millions of people prisoner and I would never agree to such a thing. But that is not what is happening in Israel. There are approximately 2 million Palestinians in Gaza and they are indeed imprisoned — by Hamas. Israel left Gaza nearly 13 years ago and Gaza was taken over by Hamas at that time. The Arabs there are suffering but it is not Israel’s fault. In fact, despite ongoing attacks by Hamas against Israel, Israel continues to allow the free flow of humanitarian goods from Israel into Gaza. And that includes cement that is supposed to be used to rebuild hospitals and homes and instead is being used for tunnels to attack Israel.

    As for Judea and Samaria, perhaps come out and have a look. No one is imprisoned there. We share the same roads and traffic moves freely for us all. Arabs are working in our communities and in Israel and making 5 times what they would make if they were to work for Palestinian companies. If there were a Palestinian State, none of them would work for Israel and then where would they be. I think it would be a good idea to give Palestinians citizenship in Israel but for now they are citizens of the Palestinian Authority. Unfortunately, the PA has refused to call elections in 12 years. But is it israel’s fault that there is no real democracy there? Palestinians that I talk to are against a Palestinian State and would rather live in Israel.

    So perhaps your moral claim is not so moral after all. I would be careful before accusing people of crimes they have never committed.

    Sondra Oster Baras
    Director, Israel Office
    CFOIC Heartland

  15. Excellent comment Sondra. Benjamin Netanyahu has been the best “ambassador” that Israel has had!

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